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Love your food and enjoy variety? I have personally created over 800+ tailored recipes to keep the menu’s fresh & exciting in every stage.

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Every 28 day stage you will receive a brand new training program and eating plan that’s tailored to your specific goal. Choose from:

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My team and I plus an incredible group of women are there 24/7 to help you succeed.  My private support group is a positive & safe space to share your journey, stay accountable & be inspired every single day!

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Want to train from home, at the gym OR BOTH ? No problem you can easily switch between home and gym workouts anytime. You can also switch your goals or change you eating preferences at the touch of a button!

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After tossing my school career officer’s advice out of the window (he told me to get a job as a typist!), I decided to dedicate my life to becoming a personal trainer and learning as much as I could about how to lose weight sustainably and help people lead a fit & healthy life…..

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Stay motivated and inspired with your crew.

Would you like to meet like-minded women in your area for regular catch up’s and coffee? My ‘Kim’s Crew’ groups operate all over the world. They are run by my amazing KB Ambassadors who are responsible for co-ordinating and organsing the meet up’s and events.

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Get inspired with thousands of great recipes!

You can train all you want— but to see real results you have to eat right! I believe that 80% of your results will come down to what you eat.

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Experience my world class support groups first hand!

My retreats offer everyone in my community the chance to connect in person. From Bali to Tuscany to the Hunter Valley, my retreats are your chance to train with me and my team as well as enjoy great food, awesome locations and unwind with some awesome women in a safe and positive enviroment.

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Let’s get real about SUGAR!!

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Who is your MENTOR?

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Love for the Kim Beach Life App

“Amazing support, excellent results”

Congratulations Kim on creating such a successful and versatile app!! I have really enjoyed using the app that can be tailored to meet my individual goals in both food & training. The positivity, support & advice from yourself, your team and the other ladies is truly amazing, helping me to be successful in staying on track & achieving results. The recipes are quick, easy to prepare and very tasty. I really love the app as I am able to plan each day with my food & training according to what is happening in my life. I also love that it teaches me how to be for LIFE❤️😊 Thank you

– Monica

“Healthy Living for Life”

This app is amazing! Not only are your meals and training laid out for you but you can swap them to suit you and your life!! All the food is tasty and easy to prepare and with the ability to change your goal at anytime you are set for a life of kicking goals! I love that the training is updated every 28 days and the support from the community and the Beachfit team has you feeling like you are never alone.. I am keeping this app forever!

– Anni


Kim’s programs are awesome. The app makes meal planning and exercise a breeze. Thanks Kim.

– JDin77


I love this APP. It helps me organise my life! It allows users to prioritise their health and fitness and includes a great online community for support and motivation.

– Happy Beacher

“Best App I have ever used!”

Wow. This app is amazing. So easy to use and covers everything. I signed up for the 7 day trial and there is no way in hell I am cancelling it. It’s just awesome and very motivating! Can’t wait to start properly! Well done KB and team and I look so forward to my new journey with you

– mrscko83

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