A little bit about me and how I got to be where I am today!

I’ve always been into exercise and healthy eating, even at school it was a passion of mine, I studied PE and at the age of 16 wanted to stay on another two years to complete my A Level PE, however my teacher wouldn’t let me study this subject as he told me that I ‘would not be able to cope with the theory side’.

“One day I received a text from an ex-colleague who said ‘ Have you heard of Kim Beach? She’s looking for PTs in the UK, here’s her email….”

So, instead I studied other subjects, left school and went into a few different admin roles within the Motor Trade. I still always dreamed of becoming a Personal Trainer, and people used to say to me I should be a PT, however in the back of my mind was always those words that I just couldn’t cope with the theory.

I then went on to meet my awesome one-day-to-be-husband at work, have another few admin jobs along the way, get married and have two gorgeous boys. After being made redundant in between having my first and second son, I had a year or so being a stay at home Mum, where again a few other new Mums asked if I could train them and why wasn’t I a PT? ‘What me? Oh, I couldn’t cope with the theory…’

Fast forward to four years ago when I finally got fed up of going from one job to the next and never quite finding my groove in my career and my husband saying to me yet again, please just do the course Claire….! I studied whilst working night shifts and passed my PT courses all with flying colours, ha ha- that told you Mr Teacher!

So I took the plunge, quit my job (SO satisfying I can tell you) and went self employed, I wanted to build my business around my kids, my husband and my cute little English village life. I focused on teaching women mainly, in particular Mums, showing them that they could still be a Mum and still smash a damned good workout and be proud of who they are inside and out!

I quickly built up a good clientele of 1-2-1 PTs and started teaching two classes a week in the village hall. Then, one day I received a text from an ex-colleague who said ‘ Have you heard of Kim Beach? She’s looking for PTs in the UK? Here’s her email….’ ‘Yes, I follow Kim on Facebook and Instagram, she’s the PT in Australia who does #noexcuses! What have I got to lose? I’ll send her an email and if nothing happens, so be it!’

Little did I know from this vague text from my friend that Kim and her family were in fact in the UK doing a Book Tour, and the first Tour was in the town 2 miles from where I live…! So I went to meet Kim the very next day and we connected immediately, even how we both got into the business… And the rest is history as they say…

Now to today, I am living the Mum/work dream; PT’ing my amazing clients, taking weekly classes, speaking to a hugely supportive and awesome group of ladies across the globe in the Kim Beach Life Support Group and Kim’s Crew Groups, traveling to some beautiful parts of the world helping to run some of Kims Retreats and most importantly, being there for my family.

To be able to take my boys to and from school every day (ok, apart from the weeks I’m away with work!) is what it’s all about for me; work that I totally adore and never ever bore of and still be a full time Mum too xXx