Eating Right to Lose Weight – My Top 5 Tips!

Do you train hard most weeks, eat well most of the time but are still not seeing a difference on the […]
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Weight Loss

Five important reasons to start weight training in 2019!

If there is one thing I suggest to all women over 30, its TRAIN regularly with WEIGHTS! I know weigh […]
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My Top 5 ‘Must Do’s for Weight Loss!

Do you feel like you train and eat well most of the time but find yourself struggling to lose weight […]
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Weight training

How weight training will make you bulky and look like a man! (Just kidding..please read on)

Obviously I am having some fun with this title and today I am going to explain to you, in simple ter […]
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Which Protein Powder is Best?

I get asked a lot about what Protein Powder and supplements I use, so I thought today I would share […]
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4 Ways to Rediscover Your Mojo!

I remember clearly the afternoon that one of the my first ever One on One clients said to me “ […]
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How to turn up the HIIT with your training!

Today I want to talk about a popular form of training called HIIT, which stands for ‘High Inte […]
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