“I have been a fairly active person pretty much all my life, up to about 8 years ago. I used to swim competitively as a child, and still continued swimming and doing other exercises over the years. In mid-2009, I started falling ill regularly. Getting rashes all over my body, fever, chest pain, extremely lethargic, etc. It went on for a few months. During those times, I had numerous investigations and was referred to specialists. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) an autoimmune disease.

For the first couple of years, with the help of some medications, I thought the condition was fairly well controlled. I was still able to keep up with majority of my activities, staying active and fit. I still got the occasional flair-ups but they were manageable. My symptoms got worse over the last few years and I was diagnosed further with Fibromyalgia secondary to my SLE.

I tried staying active and eating as healthy as possible, but over time it became more difficult to keep up. Every time I thought I was better, I get another flare-up and sometimes even walking up 10 flights of stairs, I felt like I had run for an hour, getting out of breath.  I get constant joints pain (mainly knees, elbows & fingers), however, some days are worse than others. Some days my back is so sore that I was having difficulties sitting or standing for long, let alone exercising.

Yeen prior to starting her KB journey

I started feeling sorry for myself, and over time my food choices became worse. I sought comfort food which were generally carb based and with lots of sugar, for example a chocolate muffin, a slice of chocolate cake, etc. With the combination of less exercise and poor eating habits/choices, over time I started putting on weight gradually, and became more and more uncomfortable with myself. I started getting frustrated.

At the end of 2016, I told myself that there must be a way to get out of this “rut”. I need to make some changes, and that was when I kept seeing Kim Beach #noexcuses programme popping up on Facebook. I was sceptical, but after reading more into the programme, I decided to give it a go. I liked the idea that the programme is based on real food and also incorporated exercises. I figured even if I don’t lose any weight, I would still learn some new recipes and new exercise routines. So, in early 2017, I purchased the #noexcuses programme.

I was beyond happy with my results from #noexcuses and continued with the same principles over the few months after and managed to lose a few extra kilos and maintained it. Then in July, I started #noexcuseslife, after seeking Kim’s advice on the best options for me, given my health challenges.

Yeen post all three of my programs – fit, healthy & fabulous!!

I wanted to try the #Nolimits to challenge myself….. I was worried I couldn’t do it due to my medical condition, but I wanted to give it go anyway. September 2017 I signed up!

I am glad I did, because I managed to lose slightly more and I got stronger! I must say, I am glad I did #Noexcuseslife first because it built-up my strength for the exercises in #Nolimits.

After completing #Nolimits something unexpected happened……. 3 weeks leading to the end of the programme, I was advised I can start my IVF procedure!

Apart from losing weight and inches, I am feeling stronger too from the weight training, my starting weight was 71.8kg and I now weigh 59.1kg!!

Yeen has every reason to be all smiles – 13kg down and feeling amazing!

I’ve learnt to be more organised with meals and have enjoyed the exercises in all the programmes. There are some days where it was difficult to exercise because of my SLE flare-ups, but I do what I can. I learnt that it is all about consistency. So, even if I can’t complete the whole exercise routine for any specific day, I do what I can. Of course there were days where it was impossible to do any exercises at all, and initially I felt extremely guilty, but posting from other ladies who were in the programmes helped remind me that we are not perfect and these programmes are very forgiving. We might fall off the wagon due to certain circumstances, but we can easily pick-up where we left off and continue.

As a bonus after the #noexcuses programme, I found that I no longer have any cravings (usually I crave for chocolate and ice-cream) when I am near my monthly cycle. YES!!! I also cook for myself and my husband, and he is quite happy to eat the same meals because the food is yummy. Although, he did not follow the programme, he still lost 5kg.

I will definitely continue with the principles from Kim’s programmes, and continue being organised with my meals, and would like to build on the exercises I’ve learned.

When I met Yeen in Sydney earlier she year, her big news was that she was pregnant after being accepted into the IVF program!!!!

I would certainly recommend the Kim Beach programme to anyone who wishes to lose weight or trying to make some positive lifestyle changes. You will be surprised with what you can achieve through this programme. You are not alone in your journey, you have the support from all the Beach Fit ladies, and also all the other ladies who are also involved in the programme.

I wish to also say “Thank You” to all the Kim Beach Support ladies (Ally, Jo, Anni, Geraldine & Hayley…… hope I didn’t miss anyone). Your support & words of encouragement have been invaluable throughout my journey in these programmes.

Also would like to thank all the ladies who have joined one of these programmes and for sharing your frustrations, achievements & success along the way….. It’s what you have shared that meant the most, because it’s a reminder to others that we are only human, life happens, and there’s always ups & downs. We need to face the “downs” and move forward and come out stronger on the other side.

For those who are still in the journey, believe in yourself & all the Kim Beach Programmes ladies.

Thank you once again Kim and the Beach Fit ladies!!! ☺



Yeen you are such an amazing lady and your energy is just beautiful. I am so proud of you and congratulations! 

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Kim x