I am so excited to share Vanessa’s superstar story with you, its one of the most dramatic positive changes I have ever seen through my programs – thanks for sharing your story Vanessa, it was lovely to meet you and I know you and your story will inspire lots of ladies to kickstart their own journeys! Kim x

“After the birth of my second baby, I found I didn’t really feel like getting active and healthy again. i had little to no energy, I was overweight (80kg), and just felt super unhealthy and unhappy.

My clothes no longer fitted and never seemed to look as good as they did before. I had almost resigned myself to looking and feeling unhealthy as bad habits stared up.

It was around this time that I made the decision that things needed to change, i just didn’t know how to. I often remarked to my husband about the Kim Beach Facebook posts that appeared in my feeds regularly, but I didn’t give it too much of a thought, I decided to investigate further as I like to collect and analyse information before making a decision. It was then when I saw the amazing transformations in the before and after photos, and thought to myself wouldn’t it be awesome if i was to have a transformation like this one day.

Vanessa prior to starting my program and saying goodbye to 16kg!

I’m so glad I signed up to Kim’s program. it was easy to understand and follow and it even gave me a weekly shopping list! Everything was well explained, and I was able to ease myself into it.  The workouts were a shock to the system as I haven’t been active for quite a while, but i was very lucky to have a super supportive husband who rolled me out of bed on a few occasions.

I found great support and inspiration through the private Facebook support group and reading Kim’s book was a fantastic help too.  The recipes were simple but full of flavour and with tons of variety, as a non cook I found them easy to prepare and all the family enjoyed them too.

At the end of the program I had lost 9kg, felt happier was and inspired to continue.

The healthy habits were part of me now, and after an overseas holiday decided I wanted to do another round and said goodbye to another 7kg (16kg in total).

WOW, 16kg down, fit & healthy!!

Today I feel confident and healthy. I really love sharing my journey with others but most importantly inspiring them to be their best version.

The Kim Beach Program is realistic, easy to follow and gets results!

These day I’m at the gym 5 times a week and I feel well balanced and able to take on the world, even more so when my daughter says to me, “wow mum, look at your muscles, you are super strong!!”

Vanessa x”

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