Firstly thank you for a program that is REAL. Real food. Real balance. Real life. Real easy Like most, the Kim Beach page kept popping up on my facebook page.  I past it off for along time (thinking it was another PT telling me to exercise harder and count calories or eat less). One day l was feeling frustrated with myself. l trained hard, full on cardio, drenched in sweat and exhausted after every session (sometimes twice a day). Hey l might of been fatty, late forties but at least l was fit!! This was going to be my menopause old body now!! I googled Kim Beach. Read every word on her web page. Emailed questions’s and got samples of the program. Joined “#NOLIMITS”, really wanted to tone up and didn’t believe l had much weight to loose (HAHA how wrong). I did have a fear that lifting weights would make my shoulders & arms bigger, but l had to trust the program. l brought the program, printed it, read it, off to buy weights and food. Ready to start the next day!! 100% committed, ready to start. This was my secret. l was doing it for me. Hubby worked away so by the time he got home l was in routine and loosing weight. At the halfway point there was 4kgs gone and loving how l felt. My body changed from inside out, full of energy and eating so much food, lifting weights and enjoying it!!  l also by now couldn’t go without meal 2.  Eating every 2-3hrs is a must! Others noticed the changes more than me.  The last 4 weeks went on for 6 weeks as we were away. I stayed on track while away by having all my food and exercise plan with me. When out for dinner l knew how to order to stay on plan. Last 2 weeks were 100%  up till Christmas. l lifted heavy and loved it. Results were mind blowing for me. I never thought l would be under 68kgs and feel this good. 

Trudi before #nolimits

Pre program my start weight was 72.4kgs, my end weight was 65.4 kgs.My other measurements were:Lost 16cm off my waistLost 6cms off my chestLost 4cms off my legsLost 7cms off my hipsLost 2.5cms off my armsWOW!! Who would of thought, eat more exercise wisely gets results like this!!My clothes all fell off me and l had my arms out on show with pride (they were always hidden) at Christmas 2016. I have since completed “Life” program which l enjoyed by adding my variety to my eating lifestyle. 

Today my weight sits at 62 kgs and a healthy size 8. I say healthy because that’s how l feel. I don’t feel skinny, l feel strong & healthy. I have never eaten so much food before and exercise this minimal. The food suited me. It is fresh, easy and quick to prepare. And l eat lots of it. The hardest thing for me was to reduce my daily exercise. Kim nailed it when l told her this by saying ” You were putting your body under stress”…how true!! This has been the best thing l have done for me….Being healthy. Living a Healthy life. Thanks Kim Beach!

From Trudi 

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