Tamsin looking AMAZING post #noexcuses!

I turned 40 in February and instead of feeling fantastic I was feeling fat and exhausted. I had just had my second baby several months before and was getting back into exercise slowly attending buggy fit classes. I also thought i was eating healthily by having chocolate most days and not much water and I was wondering why the weight was not coming off!!

Come April I signed up for Tough Mudder as a crazy person, I completed it but was still not happy with myself, some photos were taken on the day and I thought I need to seriously do something about my weight. A friend of mine had told me about Kim Beach as she had seen Facebook ads, and although I was looking at another plan at the time, Kim Beach’s programme appealed to me more as she is a Mum of two, as well as a fellow Australian. I thought I would check it out and straight away it appealed to me.

I loved reading the success stories, and the food plan and exercises also appealed to me. I did make some excuses at the start like: “I can’t start this week as I was celebrating my wedding anniversary or can’t start this week as not organised enough or feeling too tired not sure i can exercise much this week! the list went on! Does it sound familiar?

But I wish I had started earlier or even found out about Kim Beach before I got married. What’s been amazing to me is not only the weight loss, that’s pretty good but I have so much more energy and I have become organised.

Its amazing how our bodies response to real food and sensible exercise!

I look at the shopping list recommended every week and I now have healthy food in my cupboards and fridge, I have been sleeping so well, which in turn makes me more energised and motivated to workout. It has become a habit as soon as my baby sleeps and my 4 year old is occupied, I am straight into my workout gear and even getting 30mins to myself is pure bliss. I am back exercising 4-5 times a week and really enjoy doing weights.

A little bit about me. I am a Mum of two gorgeous children, 9 months and 4 years old. I have always been overweight, ever since puberty. I suffered terribly as a child with excema, asthma and allergies which meant I was on loads of steroids, cortisones and antiobiotics and my weight ballooned from there.

Throughout my adult life I have struggled with my weight and tried so many different diet plans like weight watchers, slimming world, avon, atkins, slimming tablets and shakes, and the list goes on but I would lose some of my weight and then boom it would all come back on again. What’s different about this program is that’s it’s not just about 8 weeks but about a healthy lifestyle choice that I know is good for me and good for my family. A happy Mum is a happy family. I have always exercised but I always felt my diet was holding me back in terms of losing weight.

Tamsin’s pic that made her want to kick things off with #noexcuses

I really enjoyed the food. It doesn’t really feel like dieting but just making better food choices and being consistent every day and sticking with the principles .There are days when you might fall slightly off the wagon but if you are consistent and get back on at the next meal, this plan works. There are foods I love like blueberries and avocado which are on the plan and I have a new appreciation for rice cakes! who knew!

My results were:  I started the programme at 82 kilos and my post program weight at 74.7 kilos. I am not finished yet as I am 10 kilos down now from doing this program and my next goal is to get into those 60s. But it is not just about what you see on the scales, your clothes tell a story too as I started at size 16 and also was still wearing some of my pregnancy clothes but now  I am fitting into size 12 clothes again and definitely out of my maternity clothes!

Tamsin & her beautiful family x

I would throughly recommend this programme to anyone who is wanting to lose weight. Not only do you get a very organised and thorough plan but you also get access to an amazing Facebook group of like minded women and fantastic BeachFit trainers who are so supportive.

Thanks Kim I have my mojo xx

Thanks so much for sharing your story Tamsin, It was fantastic to meet you the UK last year and look forward to following your journey!

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Kim x