I am 48 and I have struggled with my weight since around the age of 15. I am now at the weight I was in my teenage years, feel massively confident about my body and have heaps of energy.

I have spent my entire adult life trying to lose weight through calorie counting, occasionally successfully, most of the time unsuccessfully.   I am nearly 5ft 10” (178 cm) and my weight has continually fluctuated between around 76 kilos and 83 kilos. I have always been very active and eaten healthily (or so I thought) but would also eat for emotional reasons and hence my weight would increase.

“I am amazed at the results I have achieved on Kim’s programme and have already recommended to several friends!

Alison had struggled with her weight for a long time, when she hit 80kg she decided to change her approach and joined my program with amazing results!

When I was 28 I managed to hit my target weight of 69 kilos, only to quickly put the weight back on again.  I had twins at the age of 36 and gradually over the next few years my weight continued to increase to 89 kilos.  I had to do something about this so it was back to calorie counting and I managed, over a period of 7 months and with strict calorie to reach 69 kilos.

I was determined to maintain my weight which I managed to do so for a couple of years.   However, my old habits came back and my weight continued to increase, and I tried on several occasions to get back into my “Calorie counting” mode but I continued to struggle with this, always finding that I was hungry and continued to put on a 1kg (2-3 lbs) each year.

AMAZING RESULTS – 16kg after completing 4 stages (16 weeks) of my programs

In January this year my weight had increased to 80 kg and was determined to do something about it.  I just couldn’t face “calorie counting” again.  A friend of mine had “liked” Kim Beach and it kept appearing on my facebook, so I was determined to give it a go.

For the first few weeks I followed everything 100% and as I got more familiar with the programme started to adapt and substitute meals on different days.  I loved that I could eat 5/6 times a day, it meant I didn’t ever get really hungry.  After a couple of weeks, the fat started to melt off my body, and I noticed that my moods evened out, I had heaps of energy and started to feel great.  I started to get encouraging comments from family, friends and colleagues so was determined to stick to it.

16kg down, looking fab and no longer counting calories!

The support groups were such a key part of my journey, and although I was not an active poster, I eagerly read the comments of others. By the end of the weight loss programme I had lost just over 10 kg and 44 cm from my body. I had just about achieved by target weight but felt that I could still shape up further and had some stubborn areas of fat to lose, so I signed up immediately for Kim’s shred programme.  I loved this and started to feel much stronger.  I lost another 6 kg during this and a total of 50 cm from my body.  By the end of the Shred programme I had even lost the cellulite from my legs!

The other reassuring thing I have noticed since my weight has stabilised is that my skin has started to “catch up” with my weight loss – initially it was a big saggy around my arms in particular but it does seems to have improved.  For the first time in my life I now feel that I am in control of the food choices I make – I no longer crave processed or sugary foods.  I am now so convinced that the food we eat has such a massive impact on our wellbeing!”

— Alison