I am so excited and honoured that Kim asked me to share my story with you all. So here it goes…

At 173cm tall (5”9’) I have been quite comfortably sitting around the 70 – 72kg mark for most of my adult life. Even after the birth of my children (first one 14 years ago and then twins a year and a half later) I managed to get back to my ‘normal’ weight reasonably quick. However, the older I got, the harder it seemed to keep the weight off and it slowly crept up into the mid-seventies. I tried several different weight loss/exercise programs over the years, lost some weight but gained it all again almost as fast as I had lost it.

Sibylle before achieving her results!

A few years ago some friends and I started a “biggest loser” group but I never had enough motivation or willpower to actually BE the biggest loser. I went for regular walks and thought I was eating quite healthy, so I got really frustrated with myself and the fact that I was unable to lose that extra weight. Then in April last year my friend Donna recommended ‘Kim Beach’. I googled it and decided to sign up for the weight loss programme.

I really enjoyed the exercise side of the programme, such great variety and I never got bored.

Before starting the app!

I expected to struggle with the food side of things, as I loved to relax with my glass(es) of wine and some (or often more) chocolate in the evenings. Also, having to cook separate meals for myself and my family seemed quite daunting to start with. But Kim’s meals were surprisingly easy to prepare and still so delicious, and once I understood the principles, it was actually really easy. I often ended up cooking the same food for all of us and just replaced the carbs with veges or my favourite, cauliflower rice! Who knew, you could turn cauliflower into pizza!

Wow! Sibylle’s smile says it all – amazing results!

So, in 12 weeks I lost 11kg, 2 dress sizes and more than 40cm’s all over, and I reached my goal weight of 65kg. Within the app I played around with the ‘weight loss’ and ‘maintain’ goals for a few months and then decided to spice it up a bit and move onto ‘shred’ which I absolutely love. I enjoy the weights workouts and I love how my body shape keeps changing, for the first time ever in my life I actually have some real muscles! I have gotten so much fitter and stronger, and overall feel so much better within myself and about myself, the food and exercise make me happy and when I have the odd day/s off plan I’m really looking forward to getting back on plan again. I love love love the app and the variety of food and training it gives me. I don’t follow the programme religiously, but I follow the principles and always come back to the app for inspiration.

Sibylle feeling strong!

However, the best thing about my journey has been the interaction with all the amazing ladies in the KB Facebook support group (and of course Kim herself and her awesome team). I love reading everyone’s stories, they are all so inspiring, supportive, non-judgmental and simply wonderful. I couldn’t have done it without that group and I can’t stress enough how important it was for me to actively participate in the group. It kept me accountable and motivated. 
My goals now are to keep doing ‘shred’ for a bit longer and to lose a few more cm’s around my waist. I want to be able to confidently wear a bikini again (I can’t even remember when I wore a bikini last), and I’m training towards being able to run 5k in under 30min (I am close but not quite there yet). I have also signed up as the Kim’s Crew Ambassador for my area, and it is amazing to meet so many local like-minded ladies to hang out with and form new friendships along the way. 

Thanks for reading my story. And remember, you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Sibylle, your results are amazing! I love the fact that you are challenging yourself is different ways and continuing to get out of your comfort zone which builds confidence and makes you thrive! Keep going strong my friend, I am really proud of you! x

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