Over the years I have struggled with my weight, resulting in depression and very low self-esteem. I have tried various weight loss programs all to no avail. I have lost weight only to find that after stopping the programs the weight returned.

My partner and I decided to go on the IVF program after unsuccessfully trying to conceive. Due to the treatment I gained so much weight. This was compounded by the fact that IVF didn’t work for us and the disappointment and the emotional pain of this caused me to put on more weight.

I became increasingly unhappy with the way I looked and my self-confidence was rapidly disappearing. Shopping became a problem as I was sick of buying larger size clothes that didn’t make me look or feel good as I was just attempting to camouflage my burgeoning weight.

Shanah before starting her KB journey

I came to the realisation that it was up to me to do something about this. I was then fortunate to find the Kim Beach program.

My motivation to lose weight was bolstered when my partner of 11 years proposed to me. I decided then and there that I would sign up for the program and give it 100%.

Shanah, looking & feeling fit & fabulous!

I stuck to the plan, prepared my meals every week and the weight just started to drop off. Naturally this gave me the incentive to keep going. On my wedding day I walked down the aisle feeling so much happier and so much thinner.

One of my favourite pics from my recent #superstar lunch in Sydney!

Since my marriage I have kept up the program and have lost a further 10kgs! All in all I have lost an amazing 30kg.

l now feel happy, contented, more energy and at last I can look in the mirror and am happy with what I see.

“Since my marriage I have kept up the program and have lost a further 10kgs! All in all I have lost an amazing 30kg”

Thanks Kim for helping me change my life!”


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