“As an active person I knew no amount of exercise would really make the changes I wanted in my body. It just made me hungrier and I would eat more! For a while I had wanted to get rid of some extra weight I was carrying and the number on the scales seem to slowly be creeping up as the months ticked by. The ad’s for Kim’s programmes would pop up in my facebook feed and I would ignore it. I knew a fair bit about nutrition and exercises, it was just my discipline that was lacking. I couldn’t really see how signing up would help me.

Then, in October last year I sustained a severe concussion. After a month off work I could still only tolerate 1-2 hours of work per day on my return. I struggled to care for my two noisy boys as a single mum. I was snappy, couldn’t concentrate and had headaches every day. I was under guidance to not let my heart rate go above a certain level which restricted exercise.

Nic before #noexcuses with & her beautiful boys

I felt very far from the person I knew I could be and knew I needed to change my diet to help my recovery- particularly reducing my sugar intake. When I read that Kim Beach believes that most of our success comes from what we put into our mouths, rather than the exercise we do, I knew I should look into it more. I wanted to change what I was eating,  I just didn’t have the energy or planning ability to work out how to make it happen.

Wow, 7kg down & feeling healthy & happy!

Signing up was a huge relief, all of a sudden I didn’t have to think about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it. Yes- it did take preparation but at least I didn’t have to come up with the plan! My goals were very much around being a calmer mum, having better energy levels and helping my concussion recovery.

Through Kim’s program I gained all of this and at the same time feel like I accidentally hit the jackpot because in the process I lost 7kg and feel so much healthier and happier in my own skin! My headaches are gone, I hardly ever get “hangry” and my kids are eating more healthily too. I am back to my usual work hours.

I am 165cm tall and weighed 69kg when I started the programme. I weighed in at 62kg at the end.  I feel stronger and more toned and my fitness has improved. My clothes that were all too tight for me now fit comfortably or are too loose.

Just stunning, taken when I got to meet Nic earlier this year!

Yes- some days on the program were a challenge, but seeing and feeling results so quickly kept me motivated. Having the support of the facebook group and #Beachfit team made a fantastic difference as you didn’t have to face any struggle alone.

It hard to believe that when I started I didn’t bother to take measurements or decent “before” photos because I just assumed I would give up / fail / not make any changes- which was what I was used to doing.  But I know I look and feel different, and the best part is I feel like the results were almost too easy to achieve!!

I genuinely enjoyed Kim’s program. I would say to anyone if you are thinking of making a change whether it be big or small just sign up and get started; you won’t regret it!”

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