“It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment that I realised my weight had slowly crept up to the point that I need to take action – was it in November 2016  when on a cruise with my husband I discovered the dress that I intended on wearing “snug?” Alternatively, was it when each shopping trip I found myself searching through rack after rack and style after style of size 14 clothes that did not fit?

If I am being perfectly honest, was it the relief that I felt inside when due to boat problems we were unable to water ski that summer as I knew I would struggle to pull my rear end out of the water?

Looking back there is moment after moment where I tried to convince myself that I was “fit,” “healthy,” and eating well. However, the sad truth is that I repeatedly pressed the “delete button” whenever a photo was taken of me as I did not like what I saw. Despite attempting to eat well and exercising twice a week there came a time where no amount of self-convincing could hide the fact that my mass was increasing at a steady pace.

Rebecca before she started #noexcuses

I knew I had to find a program that I understood and believed in enough to commit to regardless of how busy life became – I knew it had to be a commitment bigger than 8 weeks and would need to result in some long-term lifestyle changes. I also knew that I had to be able to pronounce the names of the food I was eating, make food that my husband would enjoy and most importantly included feta into the occasional meal!

I looked into every program that I had heard of or had friends achieve success with but they just did not tick all the boxes… I finally clicked on the Kim Beach link from my facebook feed and found that within 24 hours I had signed up and downloaded “no excuses.”

As I was away on holidays at the time I spent 3-4 days familiarising myself with the program and reading every post on the support page – my motivation was high and the day after we got home I commenced the morning with a long walk and ate my first bowl of overnight oats!

I have never been a person who jumped on the scales (in fact I down right hate them) and I was well into my second round before a trainer at the gym pushed me to be measured, shoved some scales under my feet and told me to jump on. I knew I had lost a heap of weight as my clothes were now hanging off me but it was somewhat nice to see that the number flashing up at me was much lower than I had anticipated. I still rarely weigh myself as I refuse to let a number rule how I feel about myself. I know that I like what I see in a mirror, feel healthy, eat well, train hard and trust how I feel in my clothes.

As the weeks went on I found myself less and less dependent on what day of the program I was on and it really just became part of what I did. As I became fitter and more confident at the gym, the number of sessions I completed each week increased from 3 to 5 and I found myself doing exercises that previously I would not have even attempted.

20kg down, looking & feeling AMAZING!!!

My whole family made some serious changes to our daily routine to allow me to get up at 4.45am and head to the gym for a morning workout. I spend Sunday mornings preparing lunches (both for my husband and I), which means that on weekdays he could ensure our son, was dressed, and eating breakfast by the time I got back from the gym. Our freezer became full of “grab and go” good carbs, proteins and snacks and our weekly “meal planner” sat proudly on the end of the bench so there was never any need to think about what was for dinner that night. I am very fortunate that my husband has always valued my commitment to changing my lifestyle and I probably do not thank him enough for this!

Comments about my new health were occurring daily – my skin was clear and I really noticed that walking up a flight of stairs did not result in any sort of “huffing.” I was dealing with stress at work much better and overall felt calm and in control.

My life has completely changed – I now shop for sizes 10-12 (not 14-16) and can borrow clothes from friends and family (as ironic as what it sounds I am really quite proud that I can raid my mum’s wardrobe for outfits as my whole life she has always been so much smaller than me).

Following Christmas 2017 I felt like a bit of a “challenge” and so signed up for ‘no limits’ – I trained hard and am proud of the strength and muscle I have gained.

Overall, I have lost just over 20kg and 73cm in total with 23cm from my hips alone!


I am not scared to move anymore – my weekends are full of chasing games with my 4 year old, running races, bike riding and playing backyard cricket/soccer. For the first time in my adult life, water skiing this summer was a breeze. I pulled myself out of the water without thinking twice and then jumped back in for a second (and third) ski. I didn’t even spent the next week complaining that my arms, legs and stomach were sore!

Perhaps my only regret is that I never said “thanks” to the women who were on the No Excuses support page at the same time as me – their encouraging words to one and other, meal ideas and stories of success kept me going. Even though I did not post on this group I read every message and felt “part of the team.” If any of you happen to be reading this – Thank you!

The biggest lesson I have taken from my journey is that consistency not perfection achieves results. When I look back I do not remember ever feeling like I “missed out” on being part of a celebratory slice of cake or glass of wine. 80:20 means that I am in control of what I eat and I now eat to fuel my body.

I am conscious to enjoy the food choices I make and know I will never need to wait until another Monday to “start again” as when I decide to have a wine or treat I know that I will choose to fuel my body with a good source of energy at the next meal.

If you are thinking about signing up – my advice is to stop thinking and commit. I promise that you will not regret it!


Congratulations on everything you have achieved Rebecca, you look amazing! It was awesome to meet you and your husband at my superstar lunch to hear your story first hand. Keep shining!!! Kim x 

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Kim x