What an honour to be asked to pen the beginning of my journey with the gorgeous Kim. First, I just want to say thank you so much to Kim for her generosity with her time and her energy and her obvious passion and love of sharing her great knowledge of healthy living. Also, to the gorgeous ladies in the group who are there to celebrate with you the smallest of milestones which is what keeps me wanting to move forward with this journey.

So….me. The first 30 or so years of my life I basically ate well and was either involved in sport or went to the gym reasonably regularly. My weight was in the healthy range. However, after my third child both my eating and exercise went downhill.  I have had two times when I lost around 10 kgs in the last 5 years through healthy eating and exercise but both times put the weight back on with interest. Some of my pitfalls include stress, eating carbohydrates and at one stage energy drinks when I was busy and thought I needed a lift. (What an irony really). I think prioritising others ahead of myself is something that also left me not taking care of me. Whether it was work, my children or helping others. I’m sure a few of you out there will relate to all of these. I think the turning point was doing a free meditation I had found in lock down. I can’t remember what exactly was said in the meditation but basically the key for me was that weight loss was something that I wanted to do and wasn’t. I then remember saying to my husband that I loved him and the kids dearly but I was probably going to die young because of my weight. I think it gave us both a fright hearing it said out loud. Then I saw Kim was offering her app for free for two months. Boom! When you open yourself to the universe, sometimes stuff just comes your way. Do you remember when I talked about Kim’s generosity?

So, the first take home message from the plan was food is 80% key for weight loss. So, I nailed the food and guess what – the kilos just fell off! Now the really surprising thing was how amazing the support group was. I would look at these amazingly toned ladies working out and be inspired. The other thing that really surprised me was that they would share their stories and photos and I could see that they were just like me, they hadn’t always been toned and working out. Then, when I started losing weight I would post and the support was phenomenal. It felt great – thank you ladies xx. So here I am now. I have lost 9.5 kgs in 55 days (now 20 kgs in 152 days!). Kim asked me to share my journey and I am inspired to push on with this goal because my goal is now out there with you and with the Kim Beach community. My goal is to lose another 17kgs (now 6.5Kgs). I also want to start working out more regularly. What do I do? I post this and what happens? Everyone says see you tomorrow at Kim’s live. I guess it is a form of accountability that I used to get from being part of a team sport. I had to be there so I didn’t let the team down – My Kim Beach team and especially my captain, Kim Beach.

Other gains that I hadn’t expected have been outside of health and fitness. I have gone back to study and am working towards my masters in education at 52! Kim makes you believe you can do anything. I am enjoying weights again, have bought a rowing machine, home weights machine, bench and free weights and they are used. The “lives” that Kim does are especially motivating as she is right there working out with you. If you think this might be something you want to do, all I can say is go for it. It has been life changing for me and I had a great life before but my levels of energy and confidence are much higher. The food is yum and I would not say it has in any way been a chore to lose the weight. Just do it, sign up!


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