“I’m a busy mum of two and like so many other women, juggle the stresses of work, a husband, kids and everything in between. I don’t sit down till 9pm most nights and often work overtime. Over the years the kilos crept upwards and I felt miserable with every failed weight loss attempts.

In general I thought myself a pretty healthy eater and exercised twice a week but the love handles would not shift. This led to a perception that I had to starve myself or exercise excessively to achieve results.

The Kim Beach program popped up on my Facebook feed for a while before I looked at a sample menu. I was surprised at the inclusion of carbs and dairy, something which I used to avoid when being ‘good’. Still I kept making excuses…I was too busy to exercise regularly or prep food, skipping meals meant less calories, overtime justified take aways, ankle injuries, holidays, family gatherings, the list goes on.

In July I saw a photo of myself which spurred me into action. Was this really me? I signed up and remember marking the 8 weeks off on the calendar, even having a double helping of dessert the night before D day! I planned to avoid social outings and told myself I just needed to get through the next 2 months. Dieting to me meant all or nothing. This is so funny now because I soon discovered this program certainly isn’t a fad diet and it marked the beginning of a whole new lifestyle change for me.

After starting the program I rapidly found my groove and realised just how easy and manageable the food and training really is. However, I had to make a mental shift and stop making excuses! Prepping and being organised is key. I was pretty strict in the beginning but liked that there was room for flexibility and as a bit of a ‘foodie’ started experimenting more.

The food is yummy, affordable and easily adapted to my family. I learnt how to fuel my body and fire up my metabolism. The support of the Kim Beach Team and the closed Facebook group was invaluable. The ladies are so funny and encouraging in a safe, private environment sharing anything from recipes to a wolf whistle. (Yes, I got one the other day!) Seeing the amazing results of others week after week was so inspiring.

I lost 13.1kg initially and a bit more on my own whilst enjoying Christmas and the best summer holiday since my twenties. I am currently midway through Kim’s shred program and in total I have said goodbye to 18kg!

Nandia 18kg down! Fit and totally fabulous x

I’m able to fit my wedding ring again and rewarded myself with new active wear instead of wine! I have not been perfect but realise life goes on and occasional treats, social outings and celebrations are to be enjoyed, not feared. Even though the weight has come off, I am amazed that it is no longer important. I LOVE the way I feel on the inside. My mood, sleep and health has never been better.

7 Months ago I was not a ‘morning person’ and did not run unless chased by something scary. Now I’m up with the birds, pushing myself training wise, competing in events and setting new goals. I play chase, climb trees and do dive bombs with my kids. I feel strong and motivated with no more ‘fuzzy brain’ syndrome. My children and husband are immensely proud of me which is the best feeling in the world.

To Kim Beach and the team, thank you for unlocking the food and exercise puzzle to a happier me! I can’t recommend this program enough. To anyone ready for a change but not sure how, this is your answer.

Nandia xxx”

I just love your story Nandia!! It was awesome to meet you in Sydney and I am so happy that my programs have helped you achieved your goals, thanks for being such a vibrant part of my #BeachFit community!

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