“I was a 30 something-year-old working Mum, with two energetic little ones, 5 and 3, when I started my No Excuses journey. I recruit Firefighters for a living (tough job, I know). My husband worked in the corporate side of the fitness industry at the time and is passionate about health and fitness – but that didn’t stop me making bad choices.

Prior to marriage and kids I was active, I met my husband playing tennis and then together we trained for months before traveling to Nepal and trekking to Everest Base Camp. One of my favourite memories is watching the sunset with Everest in the background.  I stayed in shape and was a healthy weight when we were married.

When I had my first baby, I was still active, but not like I used to be, then baby number two arrived.  For some reason, at around this time I completely lost my way. Exercise just seemed way too hard with two children, at least that was my excuse. It remained my excuse for the next few years.

Even cooking seemed too hard and I would turn to takeaway multiple times a week. I never said no to sugary treats at work and the snack box was right near my desk, so three days a week I ate either chips or a chocolate bar, sometimes both.  I would eat lunch at my desk, usually something quick and unhealthy.

I was noticing that I had no energy and just wanted to sleep constantly. I thought this was due to an underactive thyroid, but blood tests showed that it seemed to be fine. I had headaches, back aches and just generally felt down. I knew that I needed to do something about my increasing weight. I kept putting it off. During summer we would go to the beach but I would stay on the sand, in my clothes, because I was too embarrassed to be seen in swimmers.

My sister-in-law posted a photo of our family on Facebook from my daughter’s 5th birthday. It shocked me when I saw it – was that really what I looked like? How did I let that happen? I was embarrassed and ashamed, but still didn’t do anything straight away.

Kim’s ad for #NOEXCUSES kept popping up on my Facebook newsfeed.

Three weeks after my sister-in-law posted that photo, after my youngest turned three, I bit the bullet and downloaded the program.  I weighed the heaviest I ever have, 70.5kg.

I did my shopping on the Saturday and committed to starting the next day, Sunday. I purposely didn’t start on a Monday. I thought I would use it as an excuse and keep putting it off until the next Monday.

From day one there was no looking back. I had mentally prepared myself for making changes and was committed to seeing it through. I set a goal of losing 8 kilos during the program. For me though, this journey was more than just about weight loss. I wanted to learn to change my eating habits and nourish my body with good food and exercise, and I wanted to be a good role model for my children. I wanted to have the energy to chase them around, and the confidence to take them in the water at the beach. The results started to show immediately – kilos and centimeters literally disappearing, which was a huge motivator and incentive to keep going.  The support from Kim and her team, plus all of my fellow members on Facebook was amazing and motivating. The food was delicious and the exercise made me feel awesome.

During the eight weeks I had everything thrown at me – weekends away, family come to stay, social events, friends for dinner, sick kids, work morning teas etc.

I had made a commitment to myself and nothing was going to stop me. I was accountable to me. I didn’t indulge in my old habits, politely saying no, and eating the food I had prepared and ignoring ‘just one won’t hurt you’. I kept a food and exercise diary to make myself accountable.

That’s the great thing about this program. It’s versatile and adaptable.  I was able to eat out when we had social commitments, choosing food from the menu that was within the principles of the program, and this food was always delicious. I said no to only one social event during the eight weeks – high tea with my girlfriends – loaded with sugary and savoury treats – not a healthy option to choose from. They didn’t mind, we’re still friends, and I felt good for having resisted the temptation. (I have since indulged in a high tea, sticking to the 80/20 principle).

I carried a jar of cinnamon in my handbag, so I could eat an apple on the run for meal two when I was at work. I fit the exercise in at times that suited me, ensuring that I made time for me.  At the end of the program I was ecstatic to have reached my goal of 8 kilos and lost 14cm from around my waist. I continued on post program losing a further 3 kilos.

Not long after No Excuses, we went on a cruise to celebrate a friend’s 40th, and I was able to wear swimmers confidently and felt good when friends commented on how well I looked.

Now almost 39, I have kept the weight off and generally follow the principles with a bit more flexibility around carbs at night. 80/20 is a great balance, you can still enjoy life and treat yourself occasionally.

I can honestly say that #NOEXCUSES changed my life. My shopping trolley is full of healthy, nourishing food, I love to exercise again and no longer see it as a chore. I have muscle tone in places it’s never been before. I have completed two City 2 Surfs since then and also tackled an Oxfam Trail Walk.

I consciously think about what goes into my mouth and I actually enjoy foods that I didn’t think that I would.  Kim Beach dishes are a regular feature in our household and the whole family loves it!

The best part is I feel healthy – the weight is gone. So are the aches and pains, my skin is clear and I no longer feel tired all the time. I have regained my health and I feel like a new person. We’re even planning a trip back to Nepal when the kids are a little bit older – to trek through some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, and I know I’ll be able to do it.

I would absolutely recommend #NOEXCUSES to anyone who wants to not only lose weight, but who wants to change bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle and it works. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you as well.

Thanks Kim – #NOEXCUSES is awesome!


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Kim x