Michelle Feb 2016 (1)
Simply stunning!

Michelle started my #noexcuses program after struggling for a while with menopause, weight gain and a general lack of motivation. She knew she wanted to get back into a fit lifestyle and prepare for her daughters wedding … This is her story x

Hi Kim,

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful #noexcuses program. It more than exceeded my expectations.

Before I started this #noexcuses journey, I had been neglecting to look after myself, especially over the last two years. I had faced some challenges in dealing with menopause and didn’t eat correctly and lacked motivation and energy to exercise, which I had always done in the past, so some weight crept on. My girlfriend mentioned your program to me so I looked it up, kept going back to look some more and thought, I need to do this to learn how to take care of me again and to feel good for my daughter’s wedding.

Michelle October 2015
Michelle before

I signed up on the 31st of October thinking that would give me plenty of time to achieve my results. I weighed 61.4kgs at the start of the program and had a tummy I never had before. I finished at the end of December weighing 54.8 kgs.

I went from a size 12 jean to a size 8, which I haven’t been for 5 years. I lost 6.6 kilos and a total loss of 35cms, 11 cm of that off my waist which I was astounded by, as being 55, I didn’t think that would happen at all and I even found muscles I thought I’d lost.

Michelle October 2015 Day 1 of program
Day 1

At first, I found it completely overwhelming when I first read through the food plan, as there was food on the on the menu that I didn’t eat. It took me 3 days to get my head around it, and to find the options I liked, so I took it one week at a time and by week 4 it was second nature.

The support from the Facebook page was incredible. The #noexcuses team, Kim, Annie and Geraldine, were fantastic, and the ladies that were sharing this journey were always supportive, kind and encouraging. I have my mojo back!!

I can’t thank you enough for that and I am loving training again. I am fitter, stronger and I have more energy. I have not found it hard since then to stick to the principles of the #noexcuses food plan, I am really enjoying living a healthier lifestyle.   My girlfriends have noticed and are surprised on how fit I have become, a few of them have even signed up. I would and have recommended # noexcuses, as its simple to understand and everything is set out for you on a daily basis which makes it so easy to follow. Whilst the program is only 8 weeks long, it’s now become a life style for me.  I am so grateful to you Kim and your team for helping me to achieve these wonderful results.

Michelle x

Your results are truly stunning Michelle and I LOVE that this is now a new way of life for you. I know your story will inspire a lot of women to start their very own health, weight loss and fitness journeys……

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