“For me…….I signed up to do the Kim Beach program because………

I was eating as much as my husband and he’s a tall man and I’m 155 cm tall.  I have realised that it’s all about eating the correct portion size food and as I was already exercising every day but eating more than my body needed, hence there was no further weight loss.  This program reinforced the importance of eating the correct amount of food to also fuel my body and still lose weight in a consistent and safe manner allowing my body and mind to adapt.  Slowly over time I became used to eating smaller adequate sized portions of food and I soon became satisfied. This program also taught me to be more aware of my hunger signs and ask myself ………… do I really, really, really need to eat that?

Back in 2009 I weighed 88 kilos and with a height of 155 cm that’s a lot.  I lost 20 kilos on my own even though my weight fluctuated a few kilos here and there I still managed to keep off 18 kilos, then in 2016 I travelled overseas and then WHAM !! Back up to 74 kilos.

Melita before her KB journey

I lost 4kgs on my own, then August 2017, hello Kim Beach. I lost an incredible 16kgs! A total loss of 34 kilos from 2009, I now weigh 54 kilos.

I’m now also approaching my late 50’s and I’ve realised that “it’s now or never”.  I want to be a healthy weight while I’m still young enough to achieve this and look good and improve my energy levels and live a full active life. So hence I became very determined to finally reach my comfortable healthy goal weight, even though I weigh as much now as I did when I was in my 20’s, I believe I’m more healthy now as I’m eating healthier food and I exercise every day. I’ve now got a real spring in my step and I walk and or jog and I do weight training regularly. I sleep better and I sleep all night and I’m a happier person and I’m more confident in myself.

Totally Fit & Fabulous!!!

I loved the program because it is easy to follow, step by step and day by day. I have adapted so well to this program I’m even eating and enjoying cooked oats in the summer, I would ever only eat this in winter.  The food prep is easy, basic and nutritional food that is available all the year round, it also provides a wide variety of food choices and methods to prepare meals with the same ingredients in different ways, helping keep the food interesting.  The support from within the group is phenomenal, the power generated, the humour shared and the friendships formed amongst the ladies is something I have never experienced before.

Would I recommend the Kim Beach Program….YES !!!!!


I am so proud of you Melita, your results are absolutely incredible! Thank you for being such an amazing part of my community, I know you inspire people every day! 

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Kim x