“Before Christmas a couple of years ago I was at my heaviest 74kg’s.

I knew I had to do something but didn’t know where to start with so much choice & mixed messages out there of what you should be eating & how much & how often to exercise etc. I did a Nutrition course but it still didn’t cut it. 

I saw Kim’s program come up on my Facebook feed that some of my friends had liked. I saw one of her video’s & it really resonated with me and thought that’s it, I have to do this! 

I signed up because I reached a crossroads where I had a choice to either go up to a size 16 wardrobe because my size 14’s were becoming too tight, or I could lose weight & become healthy. I knew I wasn’t prepared to buy a new wardrobe so I knew I had to find a new way. 

Little did I know that I would have to buy a new wardrobe anyway?

Everything is so simple, I have tried other programs but found them not family friendly in the way of meals & a huge shopping list with so many ingredients that you would only use once or so. I also found the cardio gruelling & felt over trained on other programs. 

I also wanted to break my daily alcohol habit, so in order to wake up & exercise in the mornings (Which is my only opportunity to exercise is before the kids wake up) I had to give up my wine at night.

Because my husband has his own business & works long hours, being able to exercise at home was a winner as I am not able to get to the gym daily.

Bridgette before kicking off my program

I lost 5 kg’s on my own before starting Kim’s Program. In January my starting weight was 69kg’s. I was a size 14 & pushing a 16. I have since lost 10.5 kg’s which is a total loss of 15.5 kg’s & now a size 8-10. I still can’t believe this is my new body. I’ve had a personal trainer in the past but never got results as good as this. 

I loved so many things about the program including not wondering what’s for dinner each night. 

It’s an easy to follow program with noticeable results.

The support group is so inspirational & I absolutely love seeing people’s journeys & transformations it’s what has kept me focused & motivated. I love how positive & encouraging & supportive everyone is online.

The program fits perfectly with my family life. I’m so happy & relieved that I have found a program that works.

I absolutely recommend Kim Beach nd all the programs & do so regularly. I think people think I work for Kim?

3 people I know have signed up since I started. It’s the best program I have ever done & I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Bridgette looking totally stunning!

The biggest thing that I have gained from the program is that I’ve regained my self esteem & I now actually like myself & my new body, health & fitness. This is something that I have battled with for most of my life and so happy I can put that behind me. 

I also have an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) that I’ve managed to overcome with medication & this program. 

I’ve always wanted to do the City To Surf which I will be doing this in August. I really loving goal setting that I have reintroduced more so since doing Kim’s Program & it has flowed onto other areas of my life?.Bridgette”

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