Clare looking fabulous after #noexcuses

“Thank you for letting me share my story, I never in a million years thought thatKim would ask me, but if it can inspire some other girls to try it then they tooCan find out that this program is real and it works! I am a 47 year old Mum of 2 living in the UK. I have always struggled with my weightEver since my dear old Mum took me along to a slimming class when I was about 12.About 10 years ago I was at my heaviest (about 35kg heavier than I am now!) Over the years I managed to lose most of that weight and last year got downTo my target of 73kg, but it was a real struggle to get there let alone to maintain it for more than a week and  gradually over the last 15 months I put at least 7kg on again. After every weekly weigh-in and after exercising I Would reward myself with a little too many extra treats of the junk food variety  and it would take me all week to get back to where I had been and so the vicious cycle continued.

I joined Kim’s beach fit community after it came up on my FB newsfeed  and several times downloaded a sample day of the #no excuses plan. I would avidly read any new success stories that came up as the program almost seemed too good to be true- a magic program where real women actually lost weight. Fast forward to Easter  this year after  cutting out added sugar  for 3 weeks (but not fruit) and losing nothing I decided that it was time to see if the magic would work for me too. I started no excuses in May and couldn’t believe that within 2 days it had curbed my late night snacking, but I was enjoying real food – and lots of it. I have always enjoyed exercise so I looked forward to doing different mix of HIIT,cardio & weights. An injury in week 2 made me focus on weight training which has been a surprising revelation. After doing years of  cardio and rpm/ spinning classes. In fact I now feel at home in the weights area of my local gym with all the young lads! The no excuses Support group was always really helpful and I loved seeing everyone else’s photos as it really motivated me to stick to the principles.I have never come across a group where everyone helps each other positively so much, there is a lot of negativity these days especially on the Internet. After the program I had lost 11kg , 20cm from my waist and I was down to a weight of 70kg – a weight I haven’t been since before meeting my hubby 24 years ago and even better I am managing to maintain it too. 

Before and After #noexcuses 11kg lighter

 I now feel I don’t need to reward myself with a ‘treat’- feeling fitter and slimmer is so much better  than Junk food! I really feel no excuses is so good- if you have the right mindset it honestly works and now I have finished my 8 weeks I am sticking to the principles- eating the right wholesome foods regularly stops you eating badly. I’m now considering a new challenge of #nolimits when my little boy starts school in September as I really enjoy the weight training and pushing for new goals. Kim, thank you for making a program that works- for any new starters if you are consistent and stick with it and believe in the no excuses program then hopefully some of the magic will rub off on to you too. Thank you Kim.Clare xx”

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