Lynn looking fabulous – 15kg (2 stone) down!

April 2017, and I had had enough. A 37 year old, mum of two, and it was time to go clothes shopping again, as everything was too tight again. I gained some weight prior to my first child comfort eating with recurrent miscarriages, and lots more gained in pregnancy, losing some before pregnancy number two, then regaining again. I have always comfort eaten and would often find myself feeling exhausted, relying on chocolate and sugar rushes to get through the day. I hate coffee and tea, and generally exercised ok but ate too much pasta (and chocolate and cheese!).

Kim Beach had been popping up in my news feed on Facebook for a few months but as a vegetarian I wasn’t sure it would work. All of a sudden though there was a vegan programme and I decided £50 on it was worth a shot just to fit back into things in my wardrobe to save spending lots more on clothes.

Pre Kim Beach

The first week was hell! I really, really reacted badly to cutting out the chocolate. I had headaches, felt nauseous, and was in bed early every night. But I wasn’t quitting. I saw this as a sign my body really needed to rid itself of my sugar addiction. It got easier during week 2 but it wasn’t until week 3 for me that suddenly “Wow!” – I felt amazing.

The program passed so quickly, my goal of loosing a stone had been achieved, and everything in my wardrobe fitted! 5 cm off my waist and 7cm off my hips but I wasn’t going to stop there – why would I? I felt so much better, loved the energy and exercise, and surely, I could easily lose another stone to get back to the weight I was when I graduated university? It all felt so achievable… so I continued on to round 2.

The start of round 1!

I lost 11lbs in round 2, 4.5cm off my waist and another 5.5cm off my hips. I hadn’t dared measure my body fat until round 2, but I lost 4% body fat during that second stage. A whole new wardrobe was needed at this time! This had now become a new way of life and I simply enjoyed it. And then after a few months decided it was time for a new challenge – #nolimits!

I wanted to take the strength training to the next level and push myself with a new training regime. So, in the run up to Christmas 2017 I took on #nolimits with the help of my new Kim Beach friend, Anna. We supported each other with messages regards food and exercise to try and stay on track. I was a bit slack with my food allowing too many treats with the Christmas period but on point with my exercise. However, I felt comfortable in this and that there was no rush – for me this had now become a new way of living, a new lifestyle. And 2018 features some new and different goals, for example, unassisted pull ups.

Lynn’s inspo jeans that fell down after 2 rounds of #noexcusevegan!

I ended 2017 a whole 13.5cm smaller waist, 16.5cm hips, and 2.5 stone lighter with my body fat at a very healthy 23%. Exactly the weight I was when I graduated university but stronger, slimmer and with a ton of energy! I soon know when I stray too far from the principles as I get grumpy and headachy – my body really appreciates the whole food plant based diet of the plan. I cannot thank enough Kim and her team, along with the many inspiring members of the community for all of their encouragement along the way. Thank you for helping me find this change in lifestyle. Thank you for helping me find the new me!

Lynn, your results are truly amazing! You were one of the first ladies to take on my plant based program and you absolutely smashed it – congratulations!

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Kim x