“They say every accomplishment begins with a decision to try.  For my Kim Beach story this is very true – I decided I had to try something because I was so sick of feeling yuck, fed up with myself and knowing that my weight would continue the upward creep if I didn’t do something about it.

I was approaching 35, life was busier than ever, and maintaining a healthy weight was slipping out of my grasp. I was cranky at myself and embarrassed that I had let myself get to that point. I didn’t believe I could succeed at any sort of weight loss or training program, but #noexcuses kept popping up in my Facebook newsfeed – and reading some of the success stories was enough to make me realise I had run out of excuses for myself.

The program was so affordable and it appealed to me over many others because it did not cut out any food groups and offered a big range of wholesome food that I could easily purchase, even in a country town.

8kg down, healthy & stunning!

I began early last year. With some organisation and meal prep, it was pretty easy to stick to the food. I used the support group, the Facebook ‘Lives’ and read and re-read the FAQs, Kim’s book and the program so I could make great substitutions to the meal plan when I didn’t like a certain food or I was caught unprepared.

We are a family of five, and even with two Coeliacs in the family, I found it easy to adapt many #noexcuses recipes to something we could all eat as a family. I also played around with some old favourite family recipes and adapted them to fit in with the plan. Even when I was eating something different to everyone else, I found all of the recipes on the plan to be quick and easy.

Social situations were the hardest for me – I love a wine! And don’t even get me started on the cheese platter. But during my first round of #noexcuses I mostly avoided it. Now I have a ‘relaxed evening’ on the weekends or a special occasion, but I am so much more aware of how that type of food and alcohol affects me and how I feel.

When my children were younger, before I returned to work, I used to go the gym five days a week. I trained a lot, so I could eat a moderately healthy diet and maintain my weight. But as the years went by, I was working more, the children were busier with their sports and activities and my gym visits dropped down the priority list. When I started #noexcuses, I began with the Home version with a few hand weights and my backyard as my tools. Some mornings I walked laps of the backyard in the dark while the children were still asleep because that was the only way exercise would fit into my day.

Before #noexcuses, Louise wanted to make a change

As I progressed through the program I also bought the Gym version of the program and thanks to a very supportive husband, managed to get there most days to get my workout done. After fracturing my pelvis in an accident ten years ago, I have trouble with my back, neck and shoulders at times, but I could always modify the exercises to suit or swap out high-impact exercises for something gentler on the joints when needed (the spin bike is my best friend!). Again, the support group was a wealth of knowledge for checking in about the best way to manage exercise substitutions.

By the end of the first round, I had achieved my goal of 8kg (starting weight 75.3kg, finishing weight 66.9kg). I was also much fitter. It was great to feel strong and active again and to challenge myself with all the different types of training the program offered. I especially loved being back in the routine of doing weights on a regular basis – it makes such a difference to your body shape!

Louise looking fab in my new BeachFit Collection!

I went on to also do #nolimits and despite an arm injury early on which limited my training to legs and cardio – I shed a couple more kilos and toned up more, which was fantastic.

Today I am maintaining my weight – there have been fluctuations up and down – eg Christmas! –  but overall, sticking to the principles of the program keeps me on track. The beauty of the Kim Beach lifestyle and the support group is there is always other like-minded women to share your goals with and to inspire you.

Some of my little motivators along the way have been meeting Kim during her book tour, seeing Kim and the team at a VIP lunch in 2018 – and hopefully a BeachFit retreat for me next year!

It was awesome to catch up with Louise again in Sydney

This year we are travelling overseas as a family and it has been a big goal for me to be able to enjoy this trip and look back on photos and not hate the way I look in every one of them as I have on past holidays.

My weight loss is comparatively small to many of the other amazing women who have done #noexcuses, but it has made a massive difference to me. When I began, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing because I was sure I would fail. But I just took one day at a time and it worked! I feel more confident in myself and no longer hate the way I look.

Apart from weight loss and improved fitness, #noexcuses also gifted me better sleep, better digestion, clearer skin and a much greater mindset. One piece of advice from Kim that I embraced was about surrounding myself with positive people. Stepping away from things that brought negativity into my life and seeking out people and experiences that left me feeling uplifted and good about myself put me in a much better frame of mind to do something positive and valuable for my health.

Kim, her amazing team and the BeachFit Community and support groups were definitely one of these positives during #noexcuses. It’s not only a great place to turn for advice and hints about the program it, it’s a place I still look to all the time for inspiration and building motivation. I would certainly recommend one of Kim’s programs to anyone who wants to feel fitter and healthier!

I owe the BeachFit team and all my fellow ‘Beachfitters’ a debt of gratitude for sharing in the journey with me and helping me through what has truly been a life-changing experience.


I am so proud of you Louise, you are an absolute rockstar with a totally infectious personality! Never sell yourself short, 8kg down is a huge effort and you look amazing, hope to see you again soon!

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