Before signing up to Kim’s #noexcuses program in September 2017, I had been slowly losing my way with my weight and blaming life changes such as the menopause.  Back in 2014, I had started a business that became very successful but took over my life in a negative way.  The business involved cooking bespoke healthy treats for dogs and by the end of a full on day in the kitchen the last thing I wanted to do was cook for myself.  I got into the habit of eating ready meals, pizza and drinking diet coke to get me through the day.  In 2015 I knew I had to move on from the business so I signed up for a Masters degree and put my business up for sale.  The last few months of that year really took their toll and as well as the junk food, I became a regular drink wine in the evening to relax kinda gal. 

Liz before she set out to make some positive changes

Things didn’t improve whilst I was studying.  The course I chose pushed me way out of my comfort zone, but I’m not a quitter and I was determined to get through it with the help of sweets, biscuits and whatever else I fancied.  By the time I finished in July 2018 I weighed the heaviest I have ever weighed at 81kgs.

I have always followed a vegetarian diet and other than cheese, I don’t eat dairy products.  I had been toying with going vegan but many of the well-known diet programs in the UK didn’t really cater for a vegan and foods such as avocado and hummus were restricted or limited.  I googled vegan diets and Kim Beach came up on my list so I had a look through and downloaded the sample menu – the best news was that avocado and hummus were on it.  I then started to see the ads on Facebook (technology is clever huh!).  The sample menu looked great so without hesitation I joined up.  Once I got the 8 week program through I realized I had been a tad hasty as I was due to go on holiday for 2 weeks and wouldn’t be able to follow the program.  Kim’s super helpful team kindly agreed I could start officially on my return. 

Liz loving being 17kg lighter – amazing!!

Although the holiday was great, I wasn’t happy with myself.  There are very few photos of me as I was so ashamed of how I looked and I could barely squeeze into my swimsuit.  However, onwards and upwards and once home I went straight onto the program.  By the time of my graduation in October I had lost a stone.  For the first 8 weeks I was unable to exercise as I was suffering from undiagnosed whooping cough.  I could barely walk up one flight of stairs without getting breathless but even so just following the food element of the plan meant I was loosing weight.  At the end of 8 weeks, I knew I was going to repeat them and by now I was recovered and able to exercise even though I couldn’t actually do a mountain climber at this stage.

Fast forward to May 2018, I had lost 2 stone and was getting on well with the exercise (including mountain climbers) especially the weight training and HIIT when I got a diagnosis which left me dumbfounded.  With no family history of diabetes, there I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  I had a lot of fears and worries which I was able to express safely in the support group receiving wonderful constructive comments.  I remain pre-diabetic but have seriously never felt better and the medical dieticians couldn’t fault Kim’s recipes and exercise plan so when Kim launched her app I knew I was going to sign up. 

Liz’s determination to achieve amazing results is evident in this pic!

I LOVE the app and what it embodies.  It’s there on my phone and I check in daily.  I’ve been able to change my goals between maintenance, weight loss and shred as I please.  I also love that I can change the exercise to suit my day so if it all goes crazy and I don’t have the time or sometimes the inclination to do what is suggested.  More importantly the app is a constant reminder not to drift back into old habits.

Liz enjoying being active now that she is feeling great

Earlier this year I became one of Kim’s ambassadors for her Kim’s Crew global network.  I am so proud to be on board and have met some wonderful ladies who have quickly become friends.  Inspired by this I didn’t hesitate to sign up to Kim’s first Tuscany retreat this year.  The retreat was amazing and so much fun.  We trained hard, we ate well and we laughed a lot.  We set goals, we inspired and we were inspired.  Kim and her team were amazing and it was fantastic to spend time with them all in person.  I’ve already signed up for next year! 

Liz having an absolute ball at my Tuscany Retreat in 2019!

I am so grateful to have found Kim’s program and can’t thank her enough for her vision in designing this lifestyle app.  I started the program to loose weight and I’ve achieved that loosing 17kgs to date.  But it’s became far more than that and I’m sticking around because I truly love all that Kim’s app embodies:  healthy eating, exercise, friendship, kindness and most importantly support through good and bad times.  I hope my story encourages other ladies to sign up and embrace the wonderfulness of Kim’s global community.

Feeling quite emotional as I finish this and thank you doesn’t seem enough but THANK YOU for showing me a better way to live and stay healthy both mentally and physically.      

Liz, I am so proud of you for achieving amazing results!! You have become such an inspiring member in my community and after meeting you in Tuscany at my retreat I know that you have the kindest heart that shines bright where ever you go! Congratulations x

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