I moved to Perth WA from Scotland in 2006, with my husband and 3 young boys, oldest was 13 and the twins were 8 at that time I weighed 58kgs.

Fast forward a couple of years Menopause happened and during this time I gained weight and ended up weighing 75 kilos at my heaviest, I tried changing my eating habits, i.e. no chips, alcohol etc unfortunately for me nothing seemed to work.

Linda today 55kg – 13kg down!!

I organised to catch up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years as she had moved to London, on catching up the first thing I noticed was how healthy and slimmer she looked I started asking her all the questions of her why, her how and her journey this was my introduction to Kim Beach, without hesitation I signed up and I am now a healthy, happy, slimmer, fitter person and I can say this with 100% conviction.

I started on my KB NO EXCUSES programme in April 2018 weighing in at 73 kilos, feeling tired, unhealthy, and unhappy and disappointed that this was me at 55 years young!

Initially following the programme, it was all about food for me, trying to change my eating habits, sampling Kim’s various recipes, I have my favourites, Thai chicken meatballs, spiced salmon, oats & berries, chocolate mint protein balls the list is endless! My water intake was also a concern as I was a fizzy juice girl, water not being on my radar on a regular basis, so pleased to report my fizzy drinks these days are soda water with berries, 2L of regular water and occasionally a vodka soda when out being sociable.

My “NO EXCUSES” journey from April 2018 up until I started the KB ‘LOVE YOUR LIFE‘ programme in November 2020 seen me weigh in at a healthy 68Kilos, training during this period I had joined a gym and really enjoyed walking also loved experimenting with meals and followed the KB principles as much as possible.  

I decided to change things up and the KBLYL journey came along at the right time as I felt I needed to challenge myself more to try and get to my target weight of between 55/57kgs and I knew for me the KB programmes worked as I did not view the concept of KB programmes as a diet but as a lifestyle change.

I signed up for the KBLYL journey in November 2020 it was at this stage in my journey that I really embraced weights.  I set myself a challenge to increase my weights and I am pleased to report that I no longer play it safe and rather than weights of 2 and 4 kilos, I have weights ranging from 4 Kilos to 10 kilos …. go me!! I am now a happy home weights workout girl easy to get up in the morning and get the job done.  I do weights 3 times per week, 1 weighted core per week and try and fit in a couple of long walks and some stairs.  I do live workouts where possible but if not, I love that I can go to Kim’s page and pick up other workouts from the library… choices just love that this is a big part of the programme! I also love the guest speakers if again I cannot do live I do catch up so many interesting topics and knowledge has been passed on forever grateful.

Roll on 3 years later and I am still here embracing Kim Beach lifestyle still training, loving the fact that I am now 55kg, still eating healthy nutritious meals and most of all loving the post workout endorphins, the mental clarity and confidence it gives me. Also, another important thing I have learnt over the years is to approach myself with kindness, my eating and exercise will not always be 100% every day, I do not have to be perfect this is my new lifestyle and it is all thanks to Kim x

Linda, I am so proud of you! Your commitment has been awesome and can I just say ‘look at those guns’, seriously impressive! Having you part of LYL has been seriously awesome, you have stayed accountable by posting regularly and you have definitely been an inspiration to so many women. Congratulations!!

Kim x

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