Wow, what a surprise it was to receive a message from Kim asking me to be one of her superstars and share my journey. I honestly felt like I hadn’t done enough to deserve it, only being back on plan for 6 weeks. However, then I realised that’s what the Kim Beach lifestyle is all about; celebrating success each day, and learning to back yourself.

I started my journey in 2017 when a colleague and friend inspired me to give Kim’s #no excuses plan a go. 16 weeks later and I had lost a total of 17kg and was the lightest I had been since somewhere in my late teens / early twenties. When I started I had felt overwhelmed by the amount of food as I typically wasn’t eating a lot (or enough of the right things) throughout the day. I’ve always been good at exercising and keeping active, although the ‘food first’ mentality was something I had to get my head around. If I hadn’t done my food prep, I couldn’t train, it was that simple! So I definitely got big on being organised, fueling my body with lots of healthy food to make the most of each day.

‘If I hadn’t done my food prep, I couldn’t train, it was that simple!’

In 2018 I had a very healthy and active pregnancy, giving birth to my gorgeous daughter in August that year. My food choices were okay most of the time, however I definitely relied on caffeine, sugar and carbs to give me a much needed pick me up. Looking after a small human for the first time is a massive journey in itself, not to mention exclusively breastfeeding, and back to back broken sleep. I was still staying really active but I couldn’t shake the extra 10kg I was carrying. Fortunately, I knew that when I felt ready I could get back into a good routine with the support of Kim Beach and her programs.

February, 2020 hit and I was ready to put myself first once again. I did a few days of my old home program, and then made the most of downloading the app. The app made things so much easier: I could change between vegan, vegetarian and balanced eating to access a variety of meals. I loved the weight training with supporting videos, and wholeheartedly jumped back into it, exercising during ‘nap time’. I find that consistency, especially in those first few weeks, is vital! I put in 100%, eating to plan and doing Kim’s weight sessions twice a week, supported by my own training (Zumba, walking and the cross trainer). 6 weeks later and I’d lost 7kg, already only 1kg off of my 8kg goal. I have 3kg to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight which I know I can do.  I eat enough of the right foods throughout the day and that’s where the magic happens. My body trusts me, I look after myself, and never head out of the door anymore without both food for my daughter and morning tea for myself.

‘Your body will learn to trust you as you trust yourself.’

Gorgeous Tara!

If you’re thinking of giving the Kim Beach app a ‘go’ you should! It isn’t easy, and you have to do the hard work, but the outcome is so worth it. The support group is awesome and there are always people there if you reach out. Give it your all, and if you have an off-plan meal, don’t sweat it; sometimes our “all or nothing” thinking can be our worst enemy. Shake it off and keep moving forward. Your body will learn to trust you as you trust yourself. Kia kaha!

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, you can choose between my 8 week programs or my Kim Beach Life program which is delivered to you via our app. Whatever program you choose you will also get to experience my world class support community where you can share your journey with amazing women and get all the professional support you need anytime!



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