I started the KB app on 1st January 2020 after being done with lack of energy and all the extra weight I carried after my 2 pregnancies. I had completed 1 round of no excuses around 2 years ago and then found out I was pregnant so the weight slowly came back and I was the heaviest I have ever been at 75kg. This might not sound like a lot but I am small (155cm) and all the extra weight I carried was affecting my health and my self esteem.

Laila decided to make herself a priority after having her babies!

So refocusing on me and subscribing for the app was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. I knew the principles well enough but needed guidance with the meals and exercise and that is what I love about it! You have everything laid out for you! 

Consistency is key and Laila has embraced this way of thinking!

I have lost 14kg so far but I am still on my weight loss journey, and would like to lose another 3-4 kg but I have not been so focused on numbers anymore. My focus now is how I feel everyday and of course my clothes! 

The best part is buying new gorgeous outfits!!

Exercise has become enjoyable again, and so therapeutic as this is MY time away from everybody and just focusing on myself. Being a mum of two I find I need this time for myself and just me to recharge.

I still enjoy my occasional treats (hello chocolate) and if I see I am loosing focus I just reach out to the girls on the support group and oh my! What a support! 

What a waistline!

For whoever is wondering where to start and if this works I can say… take one day at a time, and yes this works. 

Thank you Kim for this amazing program and for guiding us through a healthier path! 


Laila, it has been such a pleasure watching your journey so far!! Your results are amazing and I just love how you decided to make a change and went for it! Congratulations! x

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey you can choose between my 8 week programs or my Kim Beach Life program view via our app. You will also get to experience my one of a kind support community which is truly amazing! 



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