My story is not so remarkable, but one that is very much like the story of many other women  …….. I’m a wife and a busy Mum of 7 year old twins.  Working full time, often studying as well, and struggling to find the time to look after myself!

I was a yo-yo dieter from way back, who had tried every fad there was – everything from the dreaded “cabbage soup” diet to HCG drops.  Although I often managed to drop weight fast, these methods were not healthy, impossible to sustain long term and the weight always just piled back on.

I knew what I needed to do but I was just too lazy to do it.  I made every excuse under the sun for not being able to eat well or exercise. I ate way too much of the wrong food and drank way too much, too often.

My mother had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and I had been told I was at high risk – especially if I didn’t get my diet and weight under control.   And the way I felt was having a hug impact on my family.    I had stopped enjoying most activities with my husband and kids because of the way I looked and felt. Anything remotely active was usually passed up with a weak excuse.  And if it involved a swimsuit  – well that just ended in tears. ?  My husband seemed to understand, but my kids were always disappointed and didn’t get why Mum didn’t do things with them like Dad did.

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I had been reading about you Kim, and your programmes for months, after you had popped up in my Facebook feed.   When I read about your No Excuses programme and the principles behind it, I felt that it could be a plan I could work with and maintain.  I also liked the idea of the Facebook page dedicated to people on the programme.

Still I did nothing – until I reached my heaviest point at Xmas of 2015. I looked at every photo taken of me at that time (the ones I didn’t manage to get out of) with disdain.  Then my son took a video of me one night without me knowing.  When I saw it I sat and cried. Who was this person? She wasn’t me. I needed to find the old me again.

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Kylie and her beautiful family July 2016

I have always suffered from low self esteem and always felt like others were judging me. But I knew that if I was going to lose weight and keep it off it had to be for “ME” and it had to be a lifestyle change for ever – not just another fad diet.     So, I took the leap, purchased the No Excuses programme in mid January , and I’ve never looked back!  The food plan is easy and tasty.  The exercise, although challenging for me at first, ended up being something I now enjoy.  I am now able to run for the first time in my life, and am not afraid to give anything a try.  After completing three rounds of No Excuses I have said goodbye to a total of 26.2 kgs!

My incredibly supportive husband also did the programme with me and lost the 10kg he needed to get back to his ideal weight.  Since then I’ve lost the additional kilo I needed to get to my goal weight and have maintained my loss just by following your eating principles and regular exercise.  I am definite proof that this programme works!

I have recommended this programme to anyone who’ll listen.  A great feature is the fantastic support the programme provides.  With the Facebook group being so easy to access, and containing women all on the same journey as me, I never felt like I was on my own.  Either you personally Kim,  or your fabulous girls Anni or Geraldine would be right there to respond with the answers we needed and to offer unwavering support.   And the other women on the programme were the best cheer squad ever!

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Kylie and her new #noexcuses cheer squad!

Whilst on the programme, I was lucky enough to have formed a close bond with a group of amazing women.  We stay in close contact to this day, and continue to support each other.  We have your programme to thank Kim, for bringing us all together.

I cannot thank you enough Kim.  My husband and kids thank you too.  Yes, I’ve lost heaps of weight, and become a lot fitter, but I’ve gained my self-respect and love for myself back….and for me that’s just as important. I really couldn’t  have done this without your fantastic  programme. You have given me my life back and I will be forever grateful for that!”

Kylie at my recent book launch in Sydney

Kylie, what you have achieved is a truly inspirational and I LOVE that my program has helped you achieve your goals and given you and your family a new lease on life. Thanks sooooo much for sharing your powerful story and amazing results. I know it will inspire many women to start their own new health and fitness journeys!

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