“I am not really sure where to start with this story. I could start with my Dad’s death or my husband’s accident or any number of stressful life events that saw me eating my body weight in chocolate.  I could start with the normal average everyday juggle of a working mum of two teenage girls and the common excuse of not feeling I had any time to take care of myself.

Or I could just be totally honest and say that after more than 25 years of gaining and losing weight yo-yo style, I had just given up on ever being fit and health weight again.

I was full of the same old excuses like “its so hard to lose weight post kids”, “oh you are just bigger boned, getting into a size 12 is just not possible” or “it doesn’t really matter what size you are, its the insides that count”.

All those excuses, but I still had a little voice inside me saying “you have to try, just one last time!”.

Kylie before starting her KB journey

The kicker for me was the fact that I work in workplace health and wellness and I knew damn well that I was absolutely not living the message I was teaching our clients, which had me feeling ashamed and like a big fat failure.

I started looking around for a proven and scientifically grounded program to help lose weight and get my strong and supple body back. I looked at a few solutions, after doing Weight Watchers years ago, following paleo for a while, and a short stint on some horrible shake diet, but something kept on calling me back to Kim.  To be honest the fact that Kim looked so darn happy and glowing with good health sealed the deal for me.  I spent hours one weekend reading back through the entire catalogue of Success Stories until 2:30am one morning.  I emailed Team Beach Fit asking if they had any stories of anyone who had lost 20kg or more following the program and a few other questions, and as usual the team had all the answers I was looking for.

The next day, I pressed buy, shopped and started the day before my 43rd birthday, thinking that this was my last ditch attempt.  My main aim was to have my outsides match my insides, rather than wondering who the heck this fat, flat and frustrated woman was staring back at me in the mirror.

Once I began, I was so relieved to have a step-by-step plan to follow.  I have studied nutrition, and work in health, but between crazy work hours, emotional eating and the fact that I knew how to eat healthy but NOT how to eat healthy to lose weight, I knew I needed a complete health re-education.

Well, I certainly got that, and much more over my two rounds.

I’ve let go of 14kg, lost 68cm from my body, dropped my body fat by 10% and am lifting weights heavier than I was back in my fit and fabulous pre-kids 20s.  I feel and look way younger and happier than I have in decades.

Wow, 20kg down, looking & feeling AMAZING!!

I have learnt so much about myself.  My strength, resilience and my surprising ability to commit to me once I decided to make my own health my number one priority.  The on flow effect of this program has also been magical. My entire family now eats Kim Beach style, including my husband and two teenagers, and we all feel much better for it.

The best thing about this entire process has been rediscovering the calm mind and unlimited energy that comes from treating food as fuel (not an emotional crutch) and moving my body every day.  I am a better mother, a better wife, a better friend and way more productive at work.

The program has literally changed my life, and the beautiful women in the community group have become my friends.  Every day, I am inspired by someone’s story, and I am privileged to pass on a tip to a new lady who is having the usual “will this really work for me” wobbles.  Living in the country, I don’t have a huge social circle, and this group has been an amazing connection point to share and give and receive support.

I am so relieved to have found the missing answer to easy, sustainable weight loss, just by eating real food and learning how to truly nourish myself.  I am so proud of my results (and man oh man am I enjoying wearing size 10 jeans this winter!).  I am so darn glad to be free of the pattern of “treating myself” with food when life throws a curveball.

And I am so grateful to Kim and the Beach Fit team for their guidance and support through this process.

Thanks so much for giving my life and my health back ladies, and please if you are reading this and thinking of giving becoming the best version of you one last attempt, join ASAP – if you are anything like me, your only regret will be not joining sooner”.

Kylie x


“A few months on from writing his and I find myself almost 20kg lighter in weight but more importantly so much more happy and healthy by default.  I used to feel so tired and so flat most of the time but now I wake up early to gym and feel alert and calm and naturally content as my new default.

In eight short months, this program has given me back so much.  My faith in myself is renewed, my whole family is healthier as a result of the meals we’ve been making and I’ve started a dream role that I wouldn’t have had the guts to apply for when I felt flat and lacking in confidence.  I’m so grateful to Kim and her team for everything”

Please, if you need help becoming the healthiest happiest version of yourself, join Kim and this huge community of women who will cheer you on and get you back on track every single day. “

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