Before you read about Kerry’s LYL journey I just want to say that Kerry’s results are incredible. I first met Kerry at one of my Bali retreats along with her bestie and training buddy Jo, these two women continually push each other and the friendship they have is awesome. I had been sharing Kerry’s journey for quite some time and I could tell when Kerry attended my Hunter Valley retreat she had the fire in her belly and she was ready to smash her goals and that is EXACTLY what she has done. Kerry is a wonderful person who oozes positivity – love ya Kerry!

I joined Kim’s new VIP ‘Love Your Life program in January 2021 after hearing Kim talk about it at the Hunter Valley Retreat in 2020.  What I loved about my experience on LYL was the guest speakers, live talks by Kim, the Playbook and all the lovely ladies on the Facebook page. 

LYL changed my life for the better. I ‘m fitter and have dropped 7.5kg kilos and lost 60 centimetres off my body to reach my goal weight.  It worked so well for me as I was committed to the process and had a lot of support from Kim and the other LYL ladies. 

A lot of the live discussions were on topics that helped me understand a lot more about my self and why I did a lot of things that had sabotaged previous attempts that I have been able to change now for the better.  Its a great experience and I can highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.

Kerry sharing her joy with everyone at my Hunter Valley Retreat

I just loved LYL for what is has done for me.  I look the best I have looked for so long.  I now weight 54kg to 55kg.  All my goals were smashed and I continue to train 5 days a week.

The first photo was taken last year at my 60th just before starting LYL AT 62.5kg.  The second photo was taken 6 months into LYL when I was 57kg.

If you would love to join my VIP support package where you will receive 2 x weekly live workouts, a topic chat each week and daily support click the link below to find out how, the vibe in LYL is next level!!


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