Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Kim, the wonderful ladies in the Kim Beach team and to all past & current members of No Excuses for helping me get “me” back.

I started the No Excuses program in March this year, at that stage I was not in a great place, 15 kgs overweight, zero self-confidence, drinking & eating way too much. It was a struggle to get dressed to even go to the shops, I didn’t want to socialise, I was so damn tired all the time – everything was just too much.

Kim’s adverts kept on coming up on my Facebook feed and usually I would scroll past not giving them a second thought, though this Saturday, after a few glasses of wine (which was the norm for a Saturday afternoon) I thought I would see what this was all about.

I must admit I was impressed with what I saw, but then again, a lot of other programs had done the same, and I never stuck to them, and I saw myself again signing up for what I assumed at the time, would be another failure.

I downloaded the program on the Tuesday and was planning to start on the following Monday (as you do with all ‘diets’).  Come Saturday I did my normal shop as always not even thinking about the program, and when I got home, for some reason, not sure why but I logged on to the No Excuses Facebook page for the first time, and man it blew me away, I was reading posts from other ladies in the same predicament as me, and there was all this support, encouragement and praise, and I thought, you know what maybe I can do this, maybe I can stick to something for once that will improve my quality of life.

So I went back to the shops on Sunday and started preparing.

The Program – How I found it

Food wise, other than initially there was a lot of food to consume & and a lot of preparation involved (it does get a lot easier over time), I was totally surprised that I was really enjoying the meals.

The meal plans are quite structured, but have the ability to be varied if required, and this has worked well for me.  My partner was coming along for the ride with me (whether he liked it or not!), so it was great to change the meals up when there was something he didn’t like.

Sure somethings were hard to start with, no more evening snacks and very limited alcohol, but they were contributing factors to the position I was in.

After two weeks I was really feeling good. And something just clicked, and I thought, you know what I am going to give it my best shot and finish this.

Exercise, I have always loved walking, but had let that drop off prior to starting the program.  Doing the home version, I must admit I found the plan initially a bit daunting, but as the Kim Beach ladies members of the group kept on saying, you do what you can do and at your own pace.

So I made a commitment to myself that I would exercise at least 5 times a week, if I didn’t follow the plans routine, I would at least go out for a walk.  If I was making the effort to eat the right foods, then I had to do the same with my activity.

Support, even though I was doing this by myself at home, I was never really alone, as I had the support of the fabulous Kim Beach Ladies, but also of hundreds of wonderful woman from all over Australia, NZ & UK through the irreplaceable Facebook Group.  One amazing bunch of ladies all on their own journey, all knowing what you are going through, all there to give you a high 5 or to encourage you when you were not feeling so great, to share recipes or tell you about their own inspirational stories.  I could not have achieved what I have to date without this group.

So fast forward 2 rounds, and I have said goodbye to 14kg (haven’t been here in over 20 years) and I feel amazing!

Nickii before #noexcuses

BUT, even though I am ecstatic about the numbers, what matters most to me is the way I now feel, the energy I have gained and a newly found get up and go attitude.  The black cloud is no longer there hovering over me and I just really want to get out and live my life

  • I have joined a Ladies Hiking group, its wonderful meeting new people who have the same interests, and have completed several 15km + hikes, with multiple more planned.
  • I just ran my first 5km, and I am pretty proud of that seeing as I struggled to run for 1 minute 12 weeks ago!
  • I just re-joined a gym, I wasn’t great with the weight training at home!! Note – do the weight training – it will make all the difference, I wish I did!!!
  • I am ticking off the goals that I made at the start, and will have to do a new list soon!
  • I have rediscovered my love of clothes shopping, which is pretty dangerous on the bank account! So am now addicted to Op Shops, and have had to place a self-ban on them for a while!
  • My skin feels amazing, the big black circles have subsided, and now loving my natural look!
  • And you know what, I actually did it, I didn’t fail as I thought I would, I re-discovered that determined person lurking behind everything else. And I like that person!

During this second round I haven’t been as strict as I was on the first round, but I am totally living by 80/20 rule, as what I have learnt from this program needs to be part of my life going forward.  As they say, if you fall off the wagon, just get back on the next day! And don’t beat yourself up, we are all human, we are all going to make mistakes, but there is always a lesson learnt from them.

It was fabulous to meet Nickii at my VIP Lunch

Would I recommend the Program?

HELL YEAH.   It really does work, but, as with everything, only if you want it to and you will get only what you put in.  But once you grasp the principles, the sky is your limit.

The initial outlay of a meagre $100 was the best money I have ever spent. And the Facebook group membership is invaluable. You girls rock.

I am in the process of doing my new goal list up, (highly recommend you putting these in writing , as there no better feeling than ticking them off), and then on to No Excuses Life.

Everyone has their own journey to undertake, and I have had the most wonderful one so far, and if you have decided to take the plunge, I hope you do too 🙂

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Kim x