“I was definitely an ‘all or nothing’ girl. In my younger years with time on my side, I could spend hours at the gym and be super careful with my eating, but then ruin it all once I hit my ‘goal weight’ and the emotional eating and self-sabotage reared its head. Two kids later, I managed to eventually lose my ‘baby weight’.

But then life got busy and stressful and somewhere along the way I lost ‘me’ and I was on autopilot. The big 4-0 was approaching and while it seemed like everyone on social media was getting fit and fabulous and running marathons to celebrate the occasion, I was probably at my unhealthiest and unfittest. Once I hit 40, things just got worse. It was like my metabolism had completely had enough of the years of yo-yo –ing and had come to a complete nonexistence. The weight kept piling on.

Trish pre noexcuses

As many have said before, Kim’s link came across my newsfeed in the early hours of the morning and I don’t know why, as I usually ignored any sort of advertising on Facebook, but something made me check out her website. I just felt an immediate connection, like she was describing me. I thought “yes help! I am that busy mum, putting everyone else first. This lady gets it!”

Now remember how I said I was ‘all or nothing’… as much as I was keen to start and join the program, I had to first consult the calendar and try and schedule an 8 week window where I didn’t have any social events. I’m no social butterfly by any means, but this was clearly unrealistic. I eventually bit the bullet, signed up, took a week to make sure I had everything on hand, and then jumped on the scales for my starting measurements. I couldn’t believe how I had let this happen, my BMI was telling me I was not only ‘overweight’ but I had actually sneaked into the ‘obese’ range.

Trish post program looking and feeling FAB!

I started the program in March 2017 and have not looked back. My first round of KB was amazing. I stuck to the meals and exercise to the tee and could not believe the transformation that could take place in a mere 8 weeks. This program is not just about the losses, but the gains. I was sleeping better, my skin was clearer, I was present and actually living life, and I had developed a level of fitness that I never thought possible. Prior to starting I couldn’t run more than a few metres. By the end of round 1 I was running 40 minutes with only a one minute walk break midway through, and was loving it. I had lost 8.7% of my body weight and 14cm from my waist.

20kg down, looking & feeling AMAZING!

I then started round 2 but a few weeks in I injured my knee, taking 6 weeks just to walk without a limp again. Previously this would have been a trigger for me to chuck it all in and recommence the binge/self-sabotage cycle. But I didn’t. I stayed on the program and just focused on the food, with zero exercise, and guess what…. the weight still came off, losing a further 8.5% body weight.

I have just completed round 3. Although if I am completely honest, the last 8 weeks have been more about ‘sticking to the principles’, allowing myself to enjoy the special occasions and have the occasional treats, but knowing the program is there for me the very next meal/day and I can get back on it.

I am now at my goal weight and am back in a ‘healthy’ BMI, losing 20kg in total since starting the program . But more importantly, I feel I have finally broken that ‘all or nothing’ and have stopped the negative cycle. You will soon realise, this program is not an 8 week program, this program is life changing and you will learn skills for life.

I can’t express how amazing this program is. I love that it is real and do-able. You can get all the ingredients from your local supermarket, there are no crazy pills or potions, and ladies you will never look at your sandwich press in the same way again. I love the science behind the program, how playing around with clean food and lots of it, you can get your body into a fat burning mode without ever feeling deprived, and you can still attend those social functions!

It took me 40 years to realise food is fuel and when you strip it back to that, suddenly the emotional eating seems to stop too.  I love that the exercise program is there to push you out of your comfort zone if you want to be amazed at what you can actually achieve, but also still achievable if you need to sneak in exercise in your pyjamas while the kids are watching episodes of Peppa Pig. Or even if you are injured, or for whatever reason can’t do any exercise at all, that’s ok too and you will still get results.

The support from the beachfit ladies, from the support group of others also on their KB journey, as well as the live streams from Kim from within her own busy household are amazing. Thank you every one for your support along the way!!!


AMAZING Trish, thanks so much for sharing your story, I know it will inspire many women to start their own health and fitness journeys!

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Kim x