Wow, 15kg down – you look stunning Jitka!!

“When Kim asked me to write my story I felt very privileged but also a bit unsure as I haven’t achieved anything special. Don’t take me wrong I am incredibly proud of my 15kg loss but my story is no different from many others. I have 3 beautiful young children (8,6 & 4) who are very active, I also have 2 Weimaraner dogs and I work every day an hour away from home, so I feel pretty busy with running around my family, where could I possibly find a time to do some exercise. I knew my weight was creeping up the past 4 years since my youngest daughter was born and probably even before. I kept saying that I need to do something but wasn’t actually sure what. I was convinced that exercise is the key to our weight.

I have joined Kim’s program in April but it wasn’t the first time I have heard of it. I came across the plan a year before when it showed on my Facebook news feed. I requested sample but all I saw was all the extra food to prepare on the top of the family meals. I just simply didn’t have time for that. I was never good with diets, I have never tried any as I like food too much, I am useless counting calories and I hated just the thought of exercise….. I had too many excuses in my way.

I was going to be 40 this year and I remember thinking if I don’t lose the extra weight by my 40th, I never will.  So I joined a local newly opened Cross Fit gym for 6 weeks trial program. I worked hard for 6 weeks, 3 sessions a week but my weight has not moved a bit, however it helped me to realise that I prefer working out on my own, as I am too competitive when working with others and I push myself to their abilities not mine, then I feel like I failed as I pushed my body more than it was ready for so I gave up and accepted that this is the new me and I gave all my size 12 and most of my size 14 clothes away.

Before staring my program Jitka decided she wanted to be fit, fab and set a fantastic example to her family

So what changed? I was starting to be more and more aware of feeling constantly tired, very little patience with my children and I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. That alone was effecting my self-image. A glass of wine became my best friend on the end of the long busy day which also didn’t help but after all that running around I deserved the glass of wine, right?! And then there was one thought constantly recurring in my head When my children grow up and look back at their childhood, how they are going to remember me? All they will have are memories and photographs. Like every parent I have lots of pictures of them, but I am not in these picture. I have always made sure that I am on the other side of the camera. And that was just IT…I didn’t want them to remember me as a lifeless and miserable mum. Here is my motive behind my journey.

In April about two weeks before the program I have decided to do a dry April. Not for charity or anything just for me as I was waking up tired, with headaches and twitchy eyes. To give up my evening best friend was actually easier than I thought and I could feel the benefits almost right away.  Kim’s program kept showing on my news feed to remind me that it’s there if I need it and this time I went for it. I purchased the program and I started two days later. I had no real expectation or target weight, that’s something what started shaping through the first round. What did I have to lose? I still didn’t know how I am going to fit all the exercise in my busy life, so I turned for an advice to Kim’s private Facebook group and it was the best advice I was given. “Focus on the meal plan first and exercise when you can”.  So, I did! My husband and my mum who lives with us, joined me on my journey. I was pleasantly surprised how quick, easy and tasty our dinner meals were. I would prep our snacks and lunches the night before, so I could get up half an hour earlier in the morning to take the dogs out.  This was “me time”, I lost 8kg in the first round. I was over the moon with the result. The physical and mental changes were just amazing and I didn’t want that feeling to stop so I went straight to round 2 aiming to do more exercise. During the program, I have received an invite to a National Kidney Foundation Charity Ball organised by my friend. I said yes, as it was for a good cause…but I wanted to feel and look great, so there was one of my many mini goals. I bought a new gorgeous dress for the Charity Ball and I felt amazing on the actual night. It wasn’t in the number of compliments I have received on the night or since the weight loss became visible to others, it was about how I felt inside…beautiful and full of life. I love my life because I learnt to love myself again.

My life definitely began at 40!!

Heading to a charity ball looking FAB!

In total I have lost 15kg and I run 3 km with the dogs every morning and if I don’t, I actually miss it.  I have not yet reached my goal yet but I am not far off. Kim’s program only changed my life, it has changed lives of the people I love the most.  My children don’t comment on my big belly anymore and they love to exercise with me. I am hoping that through me they will one day make healthier choices themselves.

I honestly don’t know if simple THANK YOU can express my endless gratitude to Kim, her team and all of the amazing ladies who support each other via the amazing Facebook private group. I am team KB for life and I hope that my story will help at least one person to take control of their life and create their own success story. The best decision I’ve made this year!

Jitka x”

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