“If you have clicked on my story, you may be searching for “something”, you may not even realize this yourself. You may want to become stronger, get fitter, lose small or large amounts of weight. If so you don’t have to search any further!

This is 100% the program for you. I am a real person, aged 50 who has struggled most of my life with weight issues. It hasn’t helped that I am only 159cm [5’3] and carrying extra weight did me no favours. I was never an overweight child, however when I hit adolescence my shape changed and I seemed to have little control over the weight I was gaining. My weight has yoyoed throughout my life and I could never consistently keep my weight stable for any extended period.

An incentive for me to take control of my health was that I was approaching my 50th birthday and felt incredibly unfit. I was terrified because the thought of attempting weight loss again was overwhelming. The weight just didn’t seem to stay off and I would regain the weight I lost and more. One’s body changes as we age, it gets softer and rounder. “We are meant to age this way, aren’t we?” There are a million excuses I made like, “I’m too tired”, I’m busy with the kids”, “I’m okay the way I look”, ‘’there are other people who look worse than me’’. I had become extremely clever at disguising my weight so that I could trick myself and others into thinking I wasn’t significantly overweight. Some days I would look in the mirror and think I was okay and other days feel quite sad about the reflection that stared back at me. Like many of you reading my story I had seen the Kim Beach #noexcuses program come up on my Facebook feed for months before I acted. If I could change anything I would have joined the minute I read about this amazing program and not waited.

Janine before she started her amazing 30kg journey

I initially lost 9kg by myself by increasing my exercise and modifying my eating. I then became scared I was heading back down a pathway to failure as I seemed to stagnate. So, last June, I decided to join the Kim Beach #noexcuses home program. Since joining I have lost 21kg. With this program, you don’t focus on the weight, it will come off and you won’t even realize it. I have always had huge anxiety around weighing and scales. I hadn’t weighed myself for years. In fact, Kim and the Beachfit girls encouraged me to hide the scales and focus on all the other positives which the program would bring. For me doing this program taught me to focus on my clothes, how they fitted and how I felt in them. I was encouraged to take measurements, before and after photos [regardless of how confronting] and monitor my progress this way. I have lost more centimetres than I would have ever believed possible and I am now a size 8-10 in all my clothing. I have gained amazing tone, strength and fitness, my skin is glowing, I have more energy and I sleep well.

This program is a lifestyle not a diet or a fad. I believe anyone of any age, size or shape can successfully achieve the results. The program is easy to follow with weekly shopping lists provided and simple healthy meals to make and enjoy! I was astounded by the amount of food I could eat on this plan; it isn’t about starving your body. A mistake I have made my whole life is not eating enough food. All I knew was, eat less, count every calorie, your scales are your best friend and you will lose weight. This is so untrue! The program cost is extremely low and the health gains are enormous! The exercise is set out clearly each day and even a novice like me who had only ever walked for exercise could easily follow the program and gradually increase my fitness.

Janine, 30kg down and simply STUNNING!

Kim Beach programs are about eating regularly and healthy wholesome foods. I never went hungry on this program and I learnt what healthy eating is all about. I never had to count calories. I now have so much energy and feel fantastic!! I now have the confidence to engage in social activities that once I wouldn’t have bothered going to. It’s much easier to choose something to wear and I feel so much happier within myself.

It is your choice if you click the button to sign up to any of Kim’s programs. You will have success as I did if you stick to the basic principles of Kim’s 80/20 rule.

Janine looking Fit & Fab and totally rocking her BF gear!

I make good choices with food because I want to, not because I feel I am forced to do so. In doing this I know my body appreciates good choices and psychologically I feel my self-esteem in general has improved. I feel forever grateful that I clicked on that button and signed up for Kim Beach’s #noexcuses program. Thank you so much Beachfit team and the online support group. You have been so supportive and positive and for me have contributed significantly to my success. Finally, A massive shout out to Kim Beach for taking the time and putting in the effort to design a program which anyone can follow. I will be forever grateful Kim!

I don’t care how old you are or what you weigh, this is the program that will change your life. If just one person reading my story decides to join #noexcuses then it has been worth me sharing this story with the world. I wanted others to know this program works and is real! Don’t keep watching in the background like I did for months, you deserve this for you so that you can regain your self-worth and confidence, just as I have.

Janine x”

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing you journey Janine, it was awesome to meet you in Sydney and I LOVE how your energy just lights up the room! Your powerful words and amazing results will inspire so many ladies into starting their own health & fitness journeys!!

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Kim x