After Christmas and New Year I had planned to spend my 4 week summer break on a health kick with the intention of losing some weight.  For the past 5 years my weight has fluctuated even though I consistently exercised 4-5 times a week, my food portions and choices were letting me down and I was gaining weight, it was time to focus and get it under control.

I decided that it was hard with the kids on school holidays and we were socialising constantly.  When I saw a Kim Beach Facebook post toward the end of the break I was intrigued and took a closer look and after a few questions to the address I spent the next few days mentally preparing for the challenge I was about to commence. I convinced family members to join me and before we knew it, Week 1 was underway.

I was totally committed to the #noexcuses program and enjoyed the challenge and the flexibility to a meal and exercise plan that allowed me to modify meals and exercise to suit my lifestyle. The private FB page gives you the opportunity to ask questions when they arise, receive immense support by the KB team and fellow members and to be inspired by results posted.

At 45 years old my starting weight was 79.8kg and at the end of the program I had lost a total of 9.6kg.

I enjoyed the #Noexcuses program so much and it was rewarding on so many levels, I feel so healthy and my family support was amazing with my two sons (10 & 12) my biggest fans and now I have started round 2 with the aim of achieving my goal weight.

This program suits anyone willing to choose to add healthy eating and exercise into their life at any age.

KB, I wish you all the success!

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