My Kim Beach No Excuses story started late last year with a pair of pants bought over the phone that, despite expectations, didn’t fit. I named them my Inspiration Pants and I made a promise to myself that I would fit into them this year.

Over the years I have gained and lost weight many times over.I’ve tried many different programs and whilst I usually make them work, I find it hard to maintain and the weight comes right back once I go back to my old habits.

Having seen Kim Beach’s programs advertised on Facebook, I decided to visit her website and found a welcoming place where Kim’s videos looked real to me.  I don’t know exactly what it was, but I knew this was the right program for me and the right time to get started.  I didn’t wait for Monday, I started right then and there.  It became apparent very quickly that I actually wasn’t eating enough.  I simply wasn’t fuelling my body adequately.

November 2016

As soon as I started the program, the weight started to shift.  A lot in the first week and then pretty steadily the whole way through.  I found the biggest change in me was that my shape was changing so quickly and I was feeling energised and generally really happy.

I managed to successfully complete this program with very little exercise and limited prep.

I like to be able to eat out and I did so every week whilst completing No Excuses.  What I learned to do was to make choices that fit within the principles and I embraced the 80/20 rule.  If I did stray, it was a considered choice and I went straight back to the program afterwards.

I finished the first round of No Excuses late as we’d been overseas for a couple of weeks early in the program. At the end of the first round I had said goodbye to 8kg and my Inspiration Pants fit like a dream. I had done it – Goal 1 was achieved.  I decided to keep going and get to my new goal weight of 68kg, which I subsequently achieved and 12 kg was gone forever.

Juliette looking stunning post #noexcuses

Losing the weight has helped me gain back my self-confidence.  I’ve been able to enjoy my clothes again, and buy new ones I never thought would ever fit me.

I think the reason No Excuses worked so well for me, was not only my own determination, but also the support I received from the Beachfit ladies and other women, just like me, in the Facebook group.  I posted every day which kept me focused, positive and I learned so much from everyone.

No Excuses is last weight loss program I will ever buy.  This is the one that works for me, I believe in it and I finally feel in control of my health and well-being.  Thank you, Kim Beach.

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Kim x