Meet Emma, one of the most determined ladies I have ever met with quite possibly the most inspirational journey I have witnessed in a very long time.

Emma is a friend of mine who up until 9 months ago had been struggling with her weight for a while. Without going into details she is around 40 years old, married with two young kids and has had to deal with some pretty tough personal challenges over the past few years, which to me make her journey even more incredible.

Today I would like to share with you some of her story to show you what is really possible to achieve in a realistic time frame if you can be as determined, passionate and as dedicated as Emma was in the pursuit of her goal.

Emma is about 165 centimetres tall and in June last year was weighing in at 98KG. She never spoke to me about being specifically unhappy with her weight but I know she had been a very active person for the majority of her life. I think she had reached a point mid last year where she had decided enough was enough and she wanted to make some serious changes for herself and really make herself a priority.

A few times in the first half of 2013 she had quizzed me a bit about what I was doing with Fit Fun Fabulous but the conversation never extended past a brief chat. That all changed during a weekend in June last year when she started talking to me at another friends birthday party and said ” OK then, so what do I have to do”. I told her to call me on the Monday morning if she was serious and I have to admit that at the time I wasn’t really expecting her to bring it up again.


Looking back I probably should have known better as I received an email on Sunday night asking exactly what she needed to do to start what she called her ‘Minimisation Program’. I won’t share my entire response but I said that I would be happy to help her and followed up with “You wouldn’t have emailed me if you weren’t serious about this, if you are committed to being focused I am 100% behind you in getting you results. It will be tough and there is no quick fix, it will take time to get sustainable results“.

From that day forward she turned into a focused minimisation machine! I helped her for about the first eight weeks with her nutrition to teach her what to eat and how often, after this she picked up the ball and ran with it making sure that she stayed right on plan – an incredible change in habits as this was someone who regularly ate chocolate most nights with her husband at home! She also engaged with a personal trainer who helps her with her training and in total she has lost 30 kilos in the past 34 weeks and is only 3 kg off her next target of 65kg.

An interesting side note to this is that her husband has also lost 10kg as Emma made changes to what food was in her house and even her kids now are asking for mango salad as an after dinner snack!

Emma achieved her amazing weight loss through hard work, discipline and commitment with her nutrition and training. At no stage did she take any meal replacements, diet pills or reach for the ‘quick fix’.

I see her a few times a week and she now looks like an athlete and it’s hard to even remember her as being close to 100kg.

She has not only changed her life in an incredible way but also set an unbelievable example to her family and is truly an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

Emma achieved all of this in just 34 weeks ….. 34 weeks from now it will be January 2015…. What are your plans for next summer?

Stay healthy, Kim x

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