“It’s fair to say that I have been heavy for most of my life. There were some thinner years in my 20s, but then like many women, once I had children I became my own least important priority. I now have three children and whilst I did manage to lose some weight after gaining significantly in each pregnancy, I never got back to where I’d started and a further 5-10kg crept on by the time the next pregnancy occurred. Fast forward to May 2017, my youngest was 5 months, my pregnancy weight had stopped ‘falling off’ and I was still 13kg over pre-pregnancy weight, and 28kg over pre-children weight! I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to get to a healthy weight without some kind of guidance.

Erin before 3 rounds of #noexcuses

I’m an all or nothing kind of person and so had previously done fad or fasting diets easily, only to put it all back on within months afterwards – when nothing-me kicked back in! I was looking for something sustainable, a real lifestyle change. Kim’s program popped up on Facebook one day and I found myself trawling through all of the success stories. I was so impressed with what each of the women had achieved and they all made it sound so easy! I decided to bite the bullet and I jump on board with Kim’s program…. I’ve never looked back!

Kim’s program is truly unique! No calorie counting, plenty of food to eat (including carbs!), 24hr support, food and exercise plans for home or gym, options for dietary requirements or personal likes and dislikes… it really does cater for EVERYONE!

Erin 24kg down, looking and feeling fabulous!!

Initially I felt like I was always thinking about food, not due to hunger though! I was thinking about what I needed to prepare for my next meal! After a couple of weeks and plenty of questions to the online community, I found my groove. The kilos were falling off, I was losing centimetres and I was feeling awesome. Even with three young children, suddenly there was always time to exercise! It was amazing how addictive it all became and that was because it made me feel so good! The online support from the community was invaluable. I loved seeing the progress of the other women but also how everyone rallied around anyone who was struggling. We all have those days and Kim’s support team were always there to provide the guidance so you could pick yourself up and be on plan at the next meal.

What Erin achieved through 3 rounds of my program (and with a young family) is AMAZING!

Kim’s Program was so easy to follow it just became a way of life! Overall I lost a total of 24kg! My curves are back, my skin is fresh, I look younger and feel so confident!! I’m now back at work full time and have learnt to be well organised with meal preparation which frees up time for exercise. The name of the program really speaks for itself!

I would recommend Kim Beach  to anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle!


Thanks so much for sharing your story Erin, what you have achieved is incredible and you have proved 100% that real consistency and effort wins everytime, its was fantastic to meet you in Sydney and I wish you all the best for the future! 

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Kim x