When Kim asked me if I would consider being one of her Superstars and tell the story of my journey, I was honoured, but to be honest, also very daunted. I am not a writer, and I am in awe of the people that surrounds me: my KB tribe, with their dedication to exercise and contribution to the Facebook groups through their articulate posts.

This had me questioning my worth and I’ve baulked at this task of writing my story for more than five months now. However, I love this community of which I am now very much a part, and after catching up recently with a number of the gorgeous ladies of Kim’s Crews around Australia, I realised that we each have our own journey and our own inspiring story to tell. While I have achieved amazing results, there is nothing extraordinary about my journey, so I hope my story will resonate with those who that feel ordinary like me, and who may feel overwhelmed by the journey ahead of them.

I had no energy and wasn’t engaging with life. To be honest, I was not truly living, I was merely existing.

Elle – far right before embracing a new healthier lifestyle!

The back story

I’ll begin by rewinding 18 months to the time before starting #noexcuses. Already quite overweight, I had a bad fall down a set of stairs while at home alone, resulting in tendon damage to both feet. I was on crutches and immobile for some time, and my altered movement then led to hip and knee problems. I was incapable of any real activity and this, coupled with dreadful eating habits, led to a spiraling weight gain. I wasn’t in the best place mentally at the time either, as I was still grieving over our son who had estranged himself from our entire family the year before. My feeling of uselessness, coupled with the isolation I felt as a result of working from home, and the loss of our estranged son, meant I was lonely, depressed and had zero self-esteem. I had no energy and wasn’t engaging with life. To be honest, I was not truly living, I was merely existing.

It was confronting to buy an outfit for a special occasion or see a photo of myself that someone had managed to snap before I ran away. The reality of what I really looked like in a mirror or photo was like a slap in the face. It would leave me feeling disappointed and disgusted that I had allowed myself to get to that size, and I would declare to myself that I really had to start managing what I ate. However, these commitments were always short lived and I would slip back into the same bad habits of fueling my body with unhealthy food. These habits contributed further to my unhappiness, along with a myriad of ailments including heartburn, gut issues and sleep apnea. But this was my normality – I no longer knew what it felt like to be healthy.

My Kim Beach story

Kim Beach kept popping up on my Facebook feed and it piqued my interest. I was desperately seeking a weight-loss program that was easy to follow but had the structure I needed, that would change my approach to food while still resembling the way you should eat daily, even beyond reaching my weight loss goal. For me, Kim’s program fitted the brief perfectly, so I put my name on a list to receive a ‘Special Offer’ from Kim Beach in January.

My New Year’s resolution was to become healthy and happy once again. My ‘special offer’ to sign up to #noexcuses hit my inbox and I took the plunge and started my KB journey. I think my procrastination was mainly due to the apprehension I felt from the many failed attempts at losing weight previously. However, reading through the ‘Superstar’ stories made it feel real and achievable, and something about this program connected with me. Initially it was 8 weeks … I could commit to 8 weeks. I realised that it was going to take much longer than 8 weeks to undo the damage that had taken years to inflict, but that thought was too overwhelming. I felt that if I could commit to 8 weeks, motivation would hopefully kick in and carry me forward.

As I was carrying quite a few injuries, exacerbated by the weight I was carrying, I decided that I was just going to focus on the nutrition side of this program initially and would attempt the exercise further down the track. I was determined that I was going to nail the nutrition, though, to give myself the best possible chance of success. To avoid another failure, I knew I had to mentally prepare myself for this. I had to ditch all the excuses, take a long and honest look at myself, assess my weaknesses and any potential personal hurdles, then prepare myself with some strategies for success. I identified that my Achilles Heel was my bad habit of snacking late and a few too many regular sneaky wines in the evening. I needed to find ways of distracting myself and find a new healthy substitute until this new habit was ingrained.

We each have our own journey and for some, the thought of giving up certain things may seem unsustainable, so they apply the 80/20 rule. I was acutely aware that there was a long road ahead for me, and there were some pretty bad habits I had to kick, so I chose to embrace the meal plan, sticking to it 100%. Fortunately, I enjoyed nearly all the food, and if I didn’t particularly like something, I would just alter the way I prepared or cooked it. I ensured that I presented the meals in a way that was appealing and appetising to me. To be honest, I have never eaten this well! The initial 8 weeks flew by, and with it so did 11.6kg. Boom! There was my motivation to continue, along with the newfound energy and positivity I was experiencing.

This program has essentially changed my life in much the same way that it has for everyone who has embraced it.

When I commenced #noexcuses, Kim’s app was not yet available, so I completed three consecutive rounds of the #noexcuses program. I then went on a glorious month-long holiday through Greece and Italy with my other son, where my newfound habits served me well. I had the fitness and energy to keep up with my 18-year-old son and enjoy this holiday to the fullest. I enjoyed the delicious food, but moderation was my new best friend. Upon my return to Australia, I immediately commenced my fourth and final round.

I had no firm weight loss goals when commencing Kim’s program I just wanted to be healthy and happy again. I did think perhaps a comfortable Size 12 might be nice. However, by this time, I had truly shifted my mindset. Because this was not a temporary diet, but now a way of life for me, I discovered to my amazement that I had gone well beyond that initial, unambitious goal. In the lead up to Christmas, while purchasing some much-needed new clothes, and I was shocked to discover I was now a Size 8. Even as a teenager, I had never been a Size 8! In less than 12 months, I had managed to lose 42kg, and I have stayed within 1kg of that weight for 12 months now.

Elle looking absolutely stunning!

That year was a huge year of change for me, and I have experienced many occasions during the 12 months where people have literally not recognised me. But then, I barely recognise myself! I’m not talking about physical recognition, either. I’m referring to the way I tackled the Christmas 2018 festive season and my month-long Europe holiday with my son after completing Round 3 of #noexcuses, and other holidays since. My mindset is so different now and the KB principles have truly become a way of life for me.

This program has essentially changed my life in much the same way that it has for everyone who has embraced it. I became more confident and positive, not to mention healthier and happier. I even stopped snoring! Once I began eating wholesome “Happy Food” prescribed by Kim Beach, I felt on top of the world. I can tackle almost anything (except for perhaps writing my ‘Superstar’ story!).

A lot of the outcomes I have mentioned were the things I had hoped for when embarking upon this journey. One unexpected outcome was the friendship and moral support that I have experienced via the Facebook groups and the Kim’s Crew community. I don’t have any family living locally and working from home can be very isolating. I believe this Facebook support group connection is probably the integral component of my success to date.

Elle hanging out with Janet, a fellow KB lady after they completed the 7 bridges walk!

I have developed deep and important friendships with many of the supportive women I have met online. I have become an ambassador for our local Kim’s Crew Central Coast, and have traveled to meet up with other Kim’s Crews in Newcastle, Sydney and Perth. This year I also attended the Kim Beach Retreat in Bali, where I had the opportunity to meet in person many of the amazing online friends I had made. I have since signed up to attend retreats in New Zealand and the Hunter Valley in 2020. I’m hooked!

I had a massive amount of weight to lose in January last year, and the thought of what was ahead of me was quite overwhelming. However the year absolutely flew by. After reprogramming my mindset, this new approach to life has not felt like deprivation at all. In fact, it has been the opposite: my lifestyle before Kim’s program was depriving me of truly living.

It feels like a cliché to say this, but I can’t complete my story without expressing my undying gratitude to Kim Beach (and her amazing team). By developing these programs and this incredible community, all now available in the Kim Beach LIFE App, you have made this approach to living more flexible and accessible than ever before. You have truly transformed my life in so many ways.

Elle xx

Elle, your transformation has been such a joy to watch and I am so grateful that you are such an amazing role model for so many women. I also loved climbing the volcano with you in Bali and watching you literally running every step of the way! Thank you for being such a positive inspiration throughout my community and I look forward to catching up with you in 2020! x

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health and fitness journey you can choose between my 8 week programs or my Kim Beach Life program view via our app. Let us give you access to everything you need whilst experiencing my one of a kind support community which is truly amazing! 



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