“My story is similar to so many others.  I have always been active and eaten healthily but after having my second child 11 years ago I just couldn’t seem to shift the weight I gained during pregnancy.  I did a couple of other well known weight loss programs and while I would have short-term success the weight always came back on with a few more pounds!

In 2013 I joined an outdoor fitness group which re-ignited my love for running, however I felt heavy.  Over the last couple of years I have really tried to lose weight but found it harder and harder despite training 3 times a week and running in between.  I realised it wasn’t working but didn’t know what else to do.

At the end of last year I started to see Kim Beach popping up in my facebook feed and initially as with all weight loss plans I was a bit sceptical and didn’t pay too much attention.  However at the beginning of this year just after Christmas I weighed in at the same weight as I was full-term with my second pregnancy.  I knew that I had to do something.  At 5’ 3” tall and 74.5 kgs I had an unhealthy BMI and a wardrobe that didn’t fit!

I had decided I wanted to be fit and fabulous for 40, and turning 38 this year meant I had 2 years to achieve my goal!

The next time Kim Beach came up in my Facebook feed I clicked on it and I started to read the success stories.  After reading about the plan and several success stories for nearly two months I finally went on the website and downloaded the sample plan.  I wasn’t too sure about the online support group as I have never been one for groups or chat rooms, but thought ‘what have I got to lose’!

Eleri before starting her KB journey

I signed up on the Friday, prepped over the weekend and started on the Monday.  I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.  My first goal was to fit into a dress that I bought the day before I started the plan, for a wedding I was going to a few weeks later.

I weighed myself and took measurements at the start of the program and made sure I followed it 100%.  By the wedding date the dress fitted perfectly (and I felt amazing) with several week of the program still to go.  Whilst the weight loss was my main goal I noticed so many other benefits; I was sleeping better, my skin was clearer, I was able to concentrate more at work and my fitness levels were improving.

It did really push me to the edge of my comfort zone where exercise was concerned.  I had previously done a lot of running with a little bit of circuit/HIIT training.  I had never done any kind of weight training before and was very nervous about doing it.  However once I actually started I really enjoyed those sessions, and could see the difference they were making to my body shape.

At the conclusion of the program I had lost 7.5 kgs.  I went straight into another round although at the end of the second week of round 2 I sustained a knee injury whilst running a half marathon and was unable to do most of the exercises and had to rely solely on the eating plan.

I was so pleased at the end of the second round to find that I had lost another 3.3kgs, so a total loss of 10.8kgs.

Having recently recovered from my knee injury and started re-training, I have just started a final round of #noexcuses to lose the last 4 kgs to get to my goal of under 60kgs and then I will be going on to do #no limits.

I have absolutely loved every minute of this program, and it has completely changed my attitude towards eating and exercise – particularly weights!

The support from the Facebook support group was instrumental to my success.  Posting when I was struggling and to hold myself accountable.  The encouragement from all the other women in the group was so positive and helpful it really made a difference.  As well as the support and advice offered by Kim and her amazing team.

My only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner!

Eleri x”

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Kim x