After going to the gym for many years, I felt I needed to mix things up.

In August 2020 Kim was advertising her October Hunter Valley retreat and I thought to myself ‘what have I got to loose – let’s do it!’.  I’ve never looked back.  The past year has been such a great journey.  An amazing easy to use app with a wonderful online private Facebook group.  The friendships I’ve made along the way are very special as we are all walking our own paths but with a joint interest in health and nutrition.

Day 1 of Kim Beach Life

I’m a person that loves good food and have now turned this journey into a hobby – hobbies are something in life a person enjoys. 

Some ladies know when to eat and what to eat – I’m not that person which is why Kim’s program works so well for me. 

Scales are not our friends, the tape measure is a true indicator to track results.

I love the ability that in one app (#KimBeachLife) I get daily motivational quotes, my daily fitness timetable and my daily food menu.  The shopping list is invaluable and saves so much time – no more guessing what’s for dinner.  Plenty of choices within each meal to swap food for something that I like.

Over 1 year, I am proud to have lost 46.5cm!!

Donna 46.5cm down – bring on SHRED!!!

One year on the Kim Beach weight loss journey #noexcuses I’ve learnt:

  • I thought I was eating well, and NOW I am eating well. 
  • I was hot all the time and not sleeping well, NOW I sleep well and have controlled my body temperature – learnt it was something to do with sugar consumption.
  • My kitchen has new appliances – a four bread sandwich press that doesn’t get used for sandwiches 🙂 and a soda stream – best two investments I’ve made.
  • I was having a glass or two of Rosé wine a night and NOW I can go a month with no alcohol and happily go without drinking during the week.  The soda stream has given me daily natural bubbles and I love it!
  • It is so true to embrace new foods especially those that are hard to pronounce like quinoa and tahini.
  • A year ago, I wouldn’t believe that I NOW eat overnight oats for breakfast, make my own cauliflower pizza and make homemade ice cream with bananas & strawberries.
  • I drink full cream milk and still eat the occasional biscuit, chocolate, or croissant.  I’ve learnt about the 80/20 rule and have stopped playing mind games and simply eat the item and move on.  The program really is just one meal at a time, one day at a time and results will happen.
  • I can now shop and have clothes fit me with ease. 
  • Scales are not our friends, and the tape measure is a true indicator on measurements/results.
  • Each day regardless, I get up and try for a little wiggle and giggle (fitness) in the comfort of my own home and get the morning sparkle on. 
  • Life is for eating, living and laughing!

I really look forward to seeing what the year ahead brings as I start the Kim Beach shred journey #nolimits.

Donna, your energy is so amazing, the love and light your bring to our private Facebook support group is incredible. You inspire so many women each day with your posts and I can’t wait to see where your shred journey takes you. You are definitely a superstar.

Kim x

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health and fitness journey you can choose between my 8 week programs or my Kim Beach Life program view via our app. Let us give you access to everything you need whilst experiencing my one of a kind support community which is truly amazing! 



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