I am genuinely and totally gobsmacked by the results I have achieved on the #noexcuses program!  I never would have believed that my body and mind could be transformed the way that is has.

I came across the program from a friend’s Facebook page.  Like many others, I read all the reviews and there was not one negative comment but instead lots of incredible results.  So I bit the bullet and signed up.  The motto #NOEXCUSES totally resonated with me!

Previously I felt lethargic, constantly tired, was not sleeping well and suffered from headaches.  I was sick of buying huge clothes that looked like tents.  Going clothes shopping always ended in tears.  I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years and done many weight-loss programs.  I was in a dark place after I lost my beloved sister almost 2 years ago and fell into a hole.  I sought comfort in food.  I felt her size 8 foot kick me swiftly up the backside.  The final straw was when I had to shop for an outfit for a family wedding in July.  I wanted to buy a beautiful dress but knew there was no way I was going to look good in it.  I started the program one week later.

Fast forward just over two rounds and I have lost over 20kgs and 66 cms from bust/waist/hips!  Crazy, right ?!  However there were other benefits – I no longer suffer from headaches, I sleep like a baby, I’m never hungry unless I’m “due” to eat, my skin is silky smooth and have lots more energy.  And more importantly, it’s had a positive outcome on my twin teenage daughters, who are at a very impressionable age when it comes to body image and how their skin looks.  They now make better choices eg. they take tuna & sweet potato patties as a school snack.  They also join me on my walks once a week – which means getting up at 5:30am!  Even my husband enjoys the food – “I’ll have what you’re having” he says.  Some of Kim’s recipes are now staples in our home, such as Turkey Bolognese and San Choy Bow.

I stuck to the program 100% and exercise around 90%.  That’s 126 days with no wine, sea salt chips, chocolate, take-away food etc.  I was on a mission and nobody or anything was going to get in my way.  Whenever I went out I always had food with me so I was never caught out.  I now drink black coffee, even though it’s something I thought I could never do.  I didn’t do anything special – I just stuck to the program.  I couldn’t think of an excuse not to stick to it!  I even enjoyed the training – I did all my exercises first thing in the morning.  A great way to start the day feeling energised.

Cynthia feeling fit & fabulous

Since finishing the program, I was afraid of going back to my old ways and forget what I have learnt on the program.  And you know what, I haven’t!  I no longer see food as comfort but more about nourishing my body.  I’m not eating for the sake of it, instead ask myself “is what I am putting in my mouth of benefit me in any way?”.  I have cleaned out my wardrobe and now wear clothes that I never dreamed I would fit into again.   It’s like shopping in my own wardrobe.  I signed up for #noexcuseslife which has a little bit more variety and loving it.

I could not recommend the #noexcuses program highly enough to anyone looking to make a change in how they look and feel.  You will not regret it.   The program absolutely works!!  It is simple to follow, I loved all the food and no fancy gym equipment was required (I did the home version).  I am a busy full-time working mum, so for me the meals had to be quick to prepare which they were.  Sure, there’s a bit of preparation involved (I do mine mostly on weekends) but in order to get results you need to put in the effort – and this goes for all aspects of life.

Cynthia before she started #noexcuses

Don’t ever say you can’t.  You can do anything that you put your mind to.  I’m no different to anyone else – you just have to want results bad enough, and I did!

Lastly, I would love to thank all the fabulous KB support ladies for their wonderful guidance and encouragement – you all rock!  The private Facebook page is a fabulous network of women who are non-judgemental and are invaluable for any advice and feedback.  But best of all it’s been so rewarding to be able to support all the women on the program.  A huge thank you for everyone’s positive posts along the way.


Cynthia, your results are absolutely incredible, you have proven you can achieve anything you put your mind to! I am so proud of you! 

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Kim x