“Like many women, I am a busy Mum, running a home, working and caring for my 2 beautiful kids.

I signed up for the Kim Beach program in May but the journey which lead me to that decision began 10 months earlier. I’ve never really struggled with my weight nor was I ever deemed overweight.  In the quest to improve my fitness, I requested personal training sessions as a birthday gift last year.

The wheels fell off halfway through my first PT session. I became physically sick, dizzy and it took hours to pass.  This became the pattern to any exercise I did to the point I felt anxious at the thought of exerting myself.  After 6 weeks, I stopped exercising completely.

Something wasn’t right with me and I battled with this mystery problem on a daily basis for 8 months. I did physiotherapy with no results.  I ate, the weight crept on and my mood dropped.  I was feeling tired, sick, dumpy, stressed and miserable.

I was finally diagnosed in March with vestibular migraines, triggered by motion (amongst a few other things).  Yep, even bending over to pat the cat would result in sickness!  The medication i was prescribed stimulates appetite and, I was informed I would gain weight.  Great- a double whammy.

Claire before #noexcuses

I began reading about success stories on the Kim Beach program in April.  After an overseas Easter trip, I came home and decided my unhappiness in all areas of my life had to stop.  I needed to control the situation,  I needed to take care of myself because nobody else was going to do it.  I joined Kim’s program and it has provided  a means to focus and centre myself.  It was a real eye opener to realise it wasn’t my job, marriage, or family in crisis but me.  I didn’t like myself for a while but now, I like who I am.  Yes, exercising can still be a bit of a struggle with the vestibular migraines but I keep chipping away at it some days doing more and others less.  I refuse to not exercise!  I refuse to be unfit in my 40’s.

The program has helped me identify bad habits with food but, more importantly, taught me to balance my food, portion correctly and, be in tune with my body.

The enthusiasm and support from Kim, her team and, all the ladies in the community really helped to motivate me.  Whenever I hit a stumbling block, I would read the inspiring quotes throughout the program and focus on the one which seemed relevant for me at that given time.  I consistently have more energy, I suffer less from PMT and no longer have fluid retention or skin break outs.  The reflux I had suffered with has completely gone.  Furthermore, the migraines are almost a thing of the past.

The food is easy to make, tasty and satisfying.  The exercises are tailored to us busy women.  I have never owned scales but, according to the gym’s set, I have lost 7 kgs, 35 cm in total. I  feel peppy, confident and happy and that’s me, really me.  I’m setting goals, thinking of adventures!

Thank you Kim and her wonderful team”

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Kim x