Stunning Claire 6.5kg lighter

“My journey is not unlike many others. I had seen the Kim Beach advert pop up on my facebook feed numerous times and each time I clicked on the advert, I was inspired by each and every woman featured. While I have never been considered overweight, I was not comfortable with how I looked and knew there was a better version of me wanting to get out. I just didn’t know where to start. One day I took to heart the ‘No Excuses’ slogan, realising that making excuses was exactly what I was doing by not committing and downloaded the Kim Beach programme and, it has literally transformed my life.

I have full time busy career that often demands long hours and I am a single Mum to two boys aged ten and six, so time for ‘me’ is rare. At 42 years old I knew I should not be feeling exhausted all of the time. Although I chose what most would consider healthy options during the day, my downfall was evenings. Once the boys were in bed I would flop onto the settee and reach for sugary snacks in a bid to lift my energy levels. An unhealthy pattern was being established and I knew I had to do something about it.

Claire’s amazing transformation

Despite loving exercise in my 20s and early 30s, in the past 4 years I had come to fear it having suffered several episodes of Atrial Fibrillation, one of which resulted in me having to undergo a general anaesthetic and have the defibrillator used to stop and restart my heart to bring back normal rhythm. After that I started to avoid exercise and was concerned that raising my heart rate could trigger an episode and so avoided doing any physical activity. I now realise doing nothing is far more damaging.

So I eased myself in gently with the exercise and found I really enjoyed it, especially the weights. I also found time in my day to go to the gym by making use of my lunch break, instead of working through and eating lunch at my desk. I found opportunities for fitness at the weekends with my children by going cycling which was fun for all of us.

The programme is easy to follow and I liked to the fact all the hard work was done for me, I didn’t need to make decisions, I just had to follow the instructions. I prepped my food in the evenings and soon found I had so much energy, I did not feel the need to just flop onto the settee. I lost 6.5kg on No Excuses and found the private Facebook group was absolutely key to my success. The fact that women who were strangers, were supporting each other from across the globe with such kindness, was truly a wonderful journey to be a part of. The Kim Beach team were a fantastic support and no question was too trivial. Thank you Kim Beach!!

Completing No Excuses also gave me the confidence to start dating again and I now have a wonderful man in my life. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve just signed up to No Limits and I am excited to see where this next journey takes me.


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