“Dear Kim

I’m finally getting around to writing to you to say a big thank you for helping me on my weight loss/healthy eating journey. I came across the Kim Beach #noexcuses program through FB. I saw a few distant friends had ‘liked’ the page so I looked into it. I had just been to an endocrinologist appointment due to some thyroid issues and she had encouraged me to try to lose weight as I was in the overweight range using my BMI as the indicator. I was determined that I needed to shed some kilos after that appointment (even though prior to that, I already knew I needed to lose weight but hadn’t made a concerted effort).

When I read the KB success stories I was slightly skeptical/curious as to why there were no Asian faces represented. Was this only successful for “caucasian” women? Would it be possible for me, a Chinese woman, to use the plan with no Asian ingredients and no “Asian” inspiration!! I remember emailing the KB team and being told that the success stories were women who wrote in – and while yes, there were Chinese women doing the plan – maybe they hadn’t written their story down. So, I thought, ‘if I am able to successfully lose some weight, I am going to write back and be the “Asian” face!!’.

Christine earlier this year before saying goodbye to 10kg!

For the first round I stuck strictly to the #noexcuses program and lost 5kg,. I loved being empowered to eat regularly and understand how metabolism and sugar levels actually work. It made sense to me and I liked knowing what foods to pair with what and what time of day to eat them. I never felt hungry. I didn’t dislike any of the food. I just ate it and enjoyed the process of feeding my body natural, unprocessed food with minimal sugar. When I had meals out, I studied the menus in advanced and went prepared. And I didn’t stress over small treats/special occasions. I loved all the FB posts that reminded me ‘this is life, get on with it, onwards and upwards’.

Since the first round I have been sticking to the KB principles – not following the plan as closely but definitely using the idea of regular meals, less sugar and processed food and drinking lots of water . I have religiously stuck to the soaked oats, berries, chia seeds and psyllium husks for breakfast because it involves no thought on my part and fuels my body so much better in the morning.

Absolutely stunning!!

I really loved using the weights program. I already was going to the gym, but like Kim has often reiterated – weights training is where you will start to see the results. And indeed I have. My arms and shoulders have more definition and I am starting to see some abs! I remember reading from one of the FB posts in the group – a personal trainer said ‘a six pack is made in the kitchen’ i.e. it’s not about exercise/training, it’s about what food we eat. That was quite a revelation to me and I concentrated on eating well and not being too obsessed with the exercise part.

Christine looking Fit & Fab in her BeachFit workout gear

I am a regular mum with two young boys (7,8) and am by no means anyone special and haven’t found this plan to be at all difficult or taxing. I had most of the ingredients already in my pantry. I just needed the guidance and confidence to know how much to eat, when to eat and what to eat. And that is exactly what Kim Beach has done for me. My husband has now been following the KB principles and is losing weight too. In the midst of this program there has been a holiday to Japan and my father being diagnosed with cancer. All situations which could have caused me to gain weight had I turned to the wrong types of food – and yet, I still have managed to lose weight and maintain the principles. That to me, means this works!!

Thank you again so much Kim. Your plan has worked and when people ask me “are you still on the diet” I reply, “It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life”!

I’ve attached some photos to show you my results. (I managed to fit back into my wedding dress which I haven’t worn December 2006!!).

10kg down & I am pretty proud of myself!

With much gratitude,


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