“I joined the Kim Beach Program after going away on a work trip with a lady who was completing #noexcuses.  We got to talking about the program and it seemed sensible and achievable to me. I have been a dieter on and off since I was 13 yrs old and had really given up thinking I would ever lose too much.

I was 51 when I started the #noexcuses program, not really to lose a lot of weight but more to get healthy as watching what my work colleague ate really impressed me as sensible wholesome food.

Having done every diet in the book without lasting success I decided that healthy eating was the way to go and that any weight loss was a bonus. The 80/20 rule really spoke to me as strict adherence to diets does not work. Life is for living.

I completed 2 rounds of #noexcuses and lost 16 kg. Amazing! I then went to #noexcuseslife and lost another 4kg.

12 months on and still looking fabulous!

That’s 12 months ago and I have maintained my weight since. I live by the Kim Beach principle of being consistent yet loving life.

It’s really worked for me, I love it. It’s sooo easy that’s the truly amazing thing. You eat all the time!!

Thanks Kim!


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Kim x