At Christmas time Berni decided enough was enough and it was time to take charge of her weight and lifestyle. She chose my program and her results will inspire and amaze you!

This is Berni’s journey in her own words…….

I’ve never really struggled with my weight and have always been relatively fit, so how did I end up by Christmas the heaviest I have ever been (even when 9 months pregnant)? Slowly, steadily and one kilo at a time!

I’m a really busy health professional, work long hours and I travel a lot. Then the kids all moved out and my husband and I sold the house and bought an apartment at the beach. Loved our new lifestyle, why cook for 2 when it’s easier to eat out, or grab take away? Then I tore my hamstring and exercise was all a bit too hard. So, the excuses, and the kilos piled up and up and with the big 5.0 just a few short years away, I knew I had to make a big change.

Berni before 4
Before starting my program

I looked at a few programs, I didn’t want some fad, Hollywood, eat nothing but fruit and drink shakes diet. Instead, I wanted something that was practical, sustainable, based on sound nutrition, and easy to follow. I saw Kim’s program on Facebook and embrace the 7 day trial, it seemed to fit everything I was looking for, plus the #noexcuses name fit me to a tee, as all I had been doing was making excuses!

Berni after 4

I have loved the program, really easy to follow, plenty of food, excellent exercise program, and super cheap.

Having the shopping list, day to day food and exercise program was so easy, the only hard thing was getting rid of all the Christmas chocolates I had in the cupboard!! The on line support through the Facebook group was so wonderful, an amazing group of women who could not have been more encouraging.

10.6kg before and after

I have lost an incredible 11.5 kg to date and feel amazing.

The exercise is so much easier without the extra kilos, I’m sleeping better, have more energy, and even my skin looks amazing. I am so happy I found the program, and can’t wait to embark on changing up my goal to shred.

To anyone wondering about whether to do it, go for it, you won’t look back!!

Berni x

Thanks for sharing your amazing story Berni, you truly look stunning and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and seeing all your wonderful progress & results!

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