“Hi Kim & team,

I can’t thank you enough for the huge lifestyle change that I’ve had since signing up to do your #noexcuses program last year.

Before I had children I went to the gym 3-4 days per week after work.  I ate what I thought was quite healthy food and on the weekends I’d enjoy quite a few beers.  Once I had my first child I no longer made it to the gym and thought breastfeeding would be all I’d need to get me back to my pre-baby weight of around 70kg.  I had a few issues with an instable pelvis which meant that I was quite limited in the exercise I could do – walking to playgroup once per week was probably about it.

Over the next 10 years, I followed a few diets and did some exercise but still wasn’t able to get below around 85kg, which is way too heavy for someone who’s only 5 foot 3!  I wanted to get into shape before I turned 40 but found that I wasn’t really doing much to reach that goal.  In 2015 I was to be in my friend’s wedding so I figured I’d lose the weight for that……I only managed to lose about 2-3kg as I kept putting off starting a diet and didn’t really stick to those that I began.

In May 2016 at around 95kg I was even heavier than I’d ever been, and almost at my pregnancy weight!  Clothes were getting tighter but I was determined not to buy any bigger clothes – I wanted to lose weight & get back into some of my favourite size 12 clothes but I didn’t really want to follow the diets I’d tried previously.  I don’t believe in diet pills or shakes – I love food!  I honestly have no idea what a calorie is and definitely no desire to count them.  I also don’t believe in cutting a food group out of your diet to lose weight.  My mindset was ready, I just needed to find something to follow – I’ve always preferred to be told what to eat, rather than trying to figure out healthy meal plans on my own.

Tania before in March 2016

My good friend Sandi was chatting to me one day, feeling awesome as she’d lost 18kg with Kim Beach.  She was looking amazing and told me that she had so much more energy.  I knew she’d been off of alcohol for a while but she told me that she’d also cut sugar from her diet.  I said that sounded like something I should do as I was sick of being so overweight in my size 20 clothes.  Sandi told me that she’d followed the Kim Beach #noexcuses program.  I’d heard of Kim Beach, in fact I’d downloaded a sample back in 2015 but never did anything with it!

On 16th May I downloaded a sample of the #noexcuses program & messaged Sandi to say I was worried that the food wouldn’t fill me up!  I’ve always loved my food which is why the program is perfect for me.  I set a start date of 13th June 2016 (I wanted to wait til after my 42nd birthday & a friend’s 40th).  I shared this start date with people & when asked what I’d like for my upcoming birthday my reply was money so that I can purchase the Kim Beach #noexcuses program.  Before my start date I hammered Sandi with questions, she was my personal support before I started.  She told me after the first weigh in to ‘put the scales away as they are evil.  Tape measures & clothes are far more important.’

I began my journey at 95.8kg and stuck to the food plan religiously over the first round.  I took my own food to a funeral, a tax seminar & also to a 40th birthday – I was determined to stay on track with the food 100%.  One of the best things that happened during my first few weeks was that someone spilled a glass of Sauvignon Blanc near me (something I used to drink bottles of) & it smelt horrible – that meant I didn’t even want alcohol.  I also signed up for Dry July – I figured I was off the booze anyway so I may as well raise funds for those suffering from cancer, especially seeing as though a good friend was going through treatment at that time.

Tania in October 2016 – after no excuses, before no limits

I watched lots of Kim’s live feeds, posted all kinds of questions on the FB support group and was strict about not weighing myself until the end of 4 weeks.  I was so surprised to discover I’d lost a whopping 9.1kg!  My clothes were feeling a lot looser & I was already much more energetic so I started exercising.   The end of round 1 of #no excuses saw me exercising daily, eating healthy, nutritious food & weighing 14.5kg lighter.  I was still around 11kg off of my goal weight of 70kg so I decided to do a 2nd round of #noexcuses.  The 2nd time round I wasn’t as strict with my food, I used Kim’s 80/20 philosophy and enjoyed the occasional treat as well as ordering sensibly from the menu when out.   I was pleased to find that after round 2 I’d said goodbye to a total of 20.6kg and was only about 5kg off of my goal.  In Sept 2016 I was so happy to get back into a pair of jeans after them not fitting me for about 10 years!

During #noexcuses not only had I lost weight, I’d also become a lot stronger – one day when doing push ups I found I was doing them on my toes!  This is something that I never thought I’d be able to do.  I slowly increased these push ups & now they’re the only type that I do.  Before #noexcuses I’d looked at #nolimits & thought that was just for those who wanted to really challenge themselves and bulk up.  Now here I was after 2 rounds of #noexcuses emailing Kim to ask whether I should do #nolimits or #noexcuses life to reach my final goal!

I think I already knew the answer before I asked but Kim confirmed that #nolimits would help me transform my body shape – I’ve got a lot of years left in this body so I want it to be the best it can be.  I signed up for #nolimits on 9th Oct 2016 and found that I’d lost another kilogram between no excuses & no limits just by continuing to eat 5 times a day and exercise.   I was also back playing netball in the Centre position – something that I hadn’t done since pre-children.

I loved the different menu plans & weight sessions in #nolimits – it’s hard to believe that less than 6 months previously I’d said ‘I don’t have time for exercise’.   Here I was getting up at 6am to get my session in before getting the kids up for school.  Life got in the way a lot during my #nolimits journey so I stuck to it as best I could.  After of ‘kind of’ following the #nolimits program I was practically at my goal weight – weighing 70.1kg!

I found that although I’d reached my goal I still didn’t feel that my body was in the best shape that it could be so I set a new goal of 65kg.  As it was almost Christmas I decided to just follow the principles that I’d learned from both programs and start up with #noexcuseslife in the new year.  I was super impressed with the fact that I’d only gained very little over the Christmas period – proof that Kim’s programs are a way of life & not some fad diet.  I love the 80/20 rule and find I now know what I can eat without following any exact menu plans.  I’m cooking the same for my family as me – I just add carbs to their meals.

I used money that I received for Christmas to sign up for #noexcuses life & purchase the hard copy of the book.  I love the different recipes in the #noexcuses life program, especially the treats.  Following Kim’s principles is definitely something that I can continue to do for the rest of my life.  I am still slowly losing weight, with my current weight sitting at 67.2kg.  I hardly use the scales to measure how I’m going; preferring to feel it in the clothes that I wear; if they keep getting looser it shows I’m on the right track.  People often ask ‘how much have you lost’ & I reply around 28kg – this is what my 9 year old daughter currently weighs so when she hears people ask she says ‘That’s how much I weigh so Mum’s lost me’.  I am blown away by this and often forget how much I have transformed, noticing when I pass by a mirror or look at recent photos.

Over my journey I’ve had lots of friends asking me what I’m doing, how I’m losing weight, etc.  I tell them I’ve been following Kim Beach’s programs.  I eat cleanly, 5 times a day; I exercise regularly and avoid processed foods.  I’ve found that if I do eat something ‘off plan’ I feel ill & crave green vegies.  The smell of junk food makes me feel queasy and so it’s easy to avoid.  I love that I get to eat REAL food and enjoy all food groups at the right time of the day.  A few of my friends have been inspired by my progress and signed up with Kim Beach too.   Another thing that I love about the program is the fact that there’s a Home version.  I did all of my training at home with a fit ball & some dumb bells.  It’s a 20 minute drive to the gym from my place so if I had to go there to exercise I probably wouldn’t have done it.

I was lucky enough to recently attend Kim’s superstar VIP lunch in Sydney where I got to meet many other successful, inspiring ladies.  One lady who’s just begun said that I was an inspiration to her.  She also thought I was only about 28 years old, I was very happy to take that age estimate seeing as though I’ve just gone 43!  I am fitter and healthier at 43 than I ever remember being & lighter than I was during my high school years! Purchasing #noexcuses was the best $99.95 I ever spent!

Thank you so much to Kim Beach, the Beach fit team & the entire Beach Fit community for giving me the tools to live a healthy lifestyle in the body that I am meant to have.

Tania xx”

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Kim x