“My name is Janice. I initially started Kim Beach in September and lost 8kgs. I then continued on and I lost another 5kgs. In total I have lost all up 13kgs!!

In my journey it’s been hard as you get a lot of positive and negative advise from your family, friends and colleagues, but at the end of the day you have to do whats right for you as the negative comments made me more determined to see this through.

Janice before #noexcuses

I am now maintaining my loss which i have been at my goal weight of 60kgs for months now!

Once thing I love about this program was that my loved ones close to me looked at my before photos of me, to now and they say, “We never saw you that big and unhealthy!” and this also makes me more determined to never go back to my old ways.

Janice now looking fabulous in June at my VIP Luncheon

I am honoured to inspire anyone out there to join this program as it really works and I feel amazing that i have inspired work colleagues to do this too.

It is a life change but its worth it!

Thanks to Kim Bech, her team and all the support group women…we did it! Stay true to yourself.”

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Kim x