Kate looking radiant!

“I’d been promising myself for a few years that I would lose 2 stone.  I tried a variety of methods – weight watchers, CSIRO and running, Juice diets, to name a few.  I either found the plans difficult to do (calorie counting) or just got bored.  I first noticed the #Noexcuses plan on facebook as it had been liked by a couple of my close friends who care about what they put into their bodies.  I also completely loved the name as I was very good at making lots of excuses!  I joined the community and started reading the stories and was amazed to see they all sounded like me!  I thought about it for a few months and mentioned it to my husband who probably quite rightly said – not another plan? why don’t you try and do it yourself?  Do you really think this one is going to make any difference?

I couldn’t get out of my head how much the stories could have come from my mouth.  A photo was taken of me out with my son in June last year and it was the final straw.  I didn’t even recognise me, I had no energy – physical or mental, I travel a lot with work and I’d just stopped doing regular exercise.

Kate pre #noexcuses

So I requested a sample of the plan.  What I liked is it was prescriptive, so for me perfect!  I just had to follow the plan.  I signed up to #Noexcuses and started immediately.  I can’t say enough positive things about the facebook group or the KB Team.  What an amazingly positive group and so reactive to any question.  With the Aussie/GB group & trainers, any question I had got answered immediately.  If I doubted myself or fell off plan I just read the posts and again people were saying what I was thinking or feeling.

I prepped and got up early to exercise so #noexcuses would creep in during the day.  I really enjoyed the variety of exercise and the meals didn’t upset the family routine.  I did the home version and bought some weights.  I took what food I could away with me on business trips and tried to stick to the plan as much as possible.  I could not believe how quickly I felt better than I had in a long time.  Clarity of thought, energy levels up, healthier and eventually stronger from the exercises.

I measured and weighed myself at the start but that didn’t seem as important as the other benefits I was getting from the plan.  I completed one round and lost about 7kgs and over 30cms.  I didn’t feel ready to stop or move to something else (limits or life) so decided to do another round.

Kate all smiles with her daughter!

By my 50th in November I’d lost 15kgs.  I felt like a different person.  To be honest I didn’t really think about the difference in how I looked.  My friends had arranged a get together and those that hadn’t seen me for a few months couldn’t get over how great I looked, not just the weight loss but how healthy!  So that was amazing … yes I lost weight but in all the right places (one friend said), I looked and felt fantastic.  My kids and husband were really proud of me, but most importantly I was proud of myself.

It’s now nearly February and I’ve continued following the principles, very much an 80/20 approach as I do go ‘off plan’ when I want.  I’ve continued with the variety of exercise and my results have remained.  I really notice if I go ‘off plan’ and don’t eat well so that’s all the convincing I need about this plan.  It’s so good to be in control.  I would absolutely recommend this plan to anyone.  Thank you Kim Beach! – Kate x”

I love your story Kate & it was fantastic to meet you on my UK trip, can’t wait to see whats ahead for you!

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