“My Journey is no different to many other women. I would commence exercising and dieting to lose weight then a few weeks later give up. For me it was all or nothing. I believed that I was probably going to fail so I never really pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

In January 2018 I was at an all time low, despite all the exercise I was doing the extra 9.5 kg on my small 154 cm frame was not budging. I was feeling lost and frustrated. At 52 and suffering from terrible symptoms related to menopause I was unwell, unhealthy and unfit!!

I had a cupboard full of clothes which didn’t fit well and often felt bloated with aching joints. I made myself feel better with sugar laden food and a glass or two of wine. My self-esteem and confidence plummeted.

In Sharlene’s words ‘her dreaded before pics’

A mirror tells many stories. The woman looking back at me I did not recognise. She was sad, defeated and weary. Crying I pressed the purchase button for Kim’s Program, no more watching it pop up on my Facebook feed.

There was no going back for me from that day. Consistency not Perfection was my mantra and I lost count of how many times I uttered ‘No Excuses daily’.

From the beginning of the program I felt energised. Within 2 weeks my menopausal symptoms diminished and have now disappeared completely. My weight decreased steadily and my skin cleared. I began to believe in myself. Sugar cravings ceased and my zest for life reappeared. My family also noticed that my mood swings had decreased and I no longer feel anxious.

Becoming instantly connected to the private face book support group was an integral part of my success. It is unique and full of wonderful inspiring women. I am fortunate to have been able to connect with some personally and value their advice and support. No question was silly nor left unanswered. I was supported and encouraged and encouraging of others.

Just WOW!!!

I started at 59.5kg and am now 50kg with a total measurement loss of 43cms!

Today I continue following Kim’s principles and am maintaining my weight. I feel younger, happier and totally reinvigorated. I know how to fuel by body correctly and look forward to my training sessions. The 80/20 approach really works and I if I overindulge one day I am straight back on track the next. My mindset has completely changed.

Sharlene & I earlier this year at my #superstar lunch

To all the ladies reading my story, I am glad you are here. Perhaps like me you are searching for your happy place. Don’t be afraid, press the button. You may have weight to lose but you have so much more to gain.

Kim, your program really has changed my life. Thank you for helping me see the way forward. I have my Mojo back and I am not giving it up anytime soon.


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Kim x