Who is your MENTOR?

WHO IS YOUR MENTOR?? Take the time to think about this one if you don’t have a clear mentor figure in your life. Personally, I have a few people who I look up to and who inspire me in different ways but there is one person who I will always come back to when things get tough, if I am feeling a bit low, if I need some black and white advice and it is a person I was lucky enough to meet in 2019 but I don’t know personally. Gary Vaynerchuk has been with me for nearly 10 years now from the very first day I started my business. When I say with me, I mean his energy sits in my mind constantly pushing me to work harder and believing I can.  

10 years ago a friend of ours gave John and I a book to read called ‘Crush It’, it was this book that became the driving force behind all of the hard work that has gone into building my brand over the years. Gary V’s attitude is everything, he is very clear in saying you have to put in the work, the hours, there is no 9am-5pm work weeks, you work around the clock and you do what others are not!! The key though is you have to be living your passion, creating a bubble that you love, that you are willing to work hard for.

“Do what the 99% are not doing” – Gary V

My business is close to 10 years old and I am still living and breathing the Gary V way and I never feel like I am working, I am living my passion. I know what I want, I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives, I am here to serve, I want to inspire people to look outside the box and not get stuck inside it which can be toxic.

Gary V has taught me to ‘become what I do’ whilst embracing the notion of giving and giving and giving without expecting anything in return. Also to own my passion and share what I believe in whilst being unapologetic.

To be successful at anything in life, weight loss, career, sports etc you have to work hard, it takes practice and more practice. You have to fall apart sometimes to be able to rebuild the strength to become fearless and thrive. There are always going to be ups and downs, it is how you react in the ‘downs’ that is important.

To become fearless you need to be crystal clear in knowing what you want! Do you want to lose weight? Yes or No!! Do you want to change careers? Yes or No? Do you want to run a marathon? Yes or No? Nothing is impossible, you are your only limit, make a crystal clear decision and go for it! Don’t rely on anyone else, find that one person who will inspire you to become fearless!

Who is your mentor? x

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